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Before and after of a trench in a garden after a buried intusion system has been installed.

Will A Buried SensoGuard System Make A Mess Of My Garden?

Gardens are important to us and one question we get quite a lot is how much of a mess will a Sensoguard buried detector system make in a person’s garden?

The answer is: It depends on who you have to install it, how you do it and what precautions are taken before installation takes place. 

In 9 out of 10 cases, it’s pretty easy to get a SensoGuard system in with minimum disruption. Often, we install in wide, open spaces which we can access with a digger and simply cover the earth over once the sensors and cables are in. But that will not work in all cases. 

So we have a certain process to follow to ensure your garden will be left in a good state of repair, with the grass re-covered over and no lasting or long term damage

You Dig? 

A typical trench for installation.

The most important factor here is how you dig the trench for the sensors and cables to go in. 

You only need a hole of roughly a foot (12 inches/30 centimetres) wide and around 50 to 60 cm deep. Once you have of course checked that no important cables are underground, you can dig that area up. 

A small excavator can be used for this process but you may find that the tracks churn up the soil, especially in damp conditions. So it may be wise to dig this by hand if possible, and bearing in mind the size of the area that will need to be dug up; this can be a lot of manual work.

If you are happy with the digging method then you can look at other options to ensure that everything can be put back as it was once the SensoGuard system is installed. 

A Bit Of Planning Goes A Long Way.

To keep  your garden in the best shape possible, we recommend the following before digging your trench:

  • Lay down wooden boards to place the removed earth on. This keeps the grass underneath in good condition and you can easily use it to fill in the trench when finished. 
  • Use plumb lines or laser lines to keep the trench straight. These are a better alternative to marking out with spray cans, with no lasting damage.
  • Remove the top-level turf in long sections and lay these to one side on the boards, allowing room for the earth. The turf will be going back after the hole is filled.
  • Dig out the soil using your preferred method.
  • Installed the Seismic detectors and cabling to the specifics set out in the proposal.
  • Test! Always test before filling the trench in… And then test again. 
  • Fill the topsoil back into the length of the trench.
  • Place the turf back on top of the filled-in trench. 

It can be a lot of manual work but done properly, it will leave very little mess and no long-term, lasting effects on your garden. 

How Effective Are Buried Detection Systems?

Buried intrusion detection systems are one of the most reliable, undetectable methods of protecting your property and assets. They do not fail and cannot be tricked into false alarms by inclement weather. Unlike CCTV, they will work regardless of heavy rain, snow or fog. 

These systems are able to detect and pinpoint any intrusion and filter out wildlife or pets vs human footfall or vehicles. An alert will immediately be sent via the SensoGuard software to your phone, computer or tablet, which will be integrated with your other security systems such as CCTV, alarms, sirens or lighting. 

This provides reliable protection all year round, allowing instant action that will deter most threats before they have the chance to do harm. 

If Disruption Is A Deciding Factor, Let Us Reassure You

We’ve installed SensoGuard systems in a wide number of environments, from borders and power plants to residential homes and estates. We’re happy to recommend the best method of installation to suit your needs. 

We’ll oversee the project to suit your needs and make sure that minimum disruption occurs. 

The picture to the right will hopefully demonstrate that we leave your garden in a good state of repair, with level lawns and grass that should grow back within a couple of weeks.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of the Sensoguard buried systems then feel free to get in touch and we’ll advise on the best security system you can buy on the UK market.