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Why Is My Security Not Working? (Part 1)

“So, why is my security not working?” … This is the most common question we get asked. With the shocking crime stats for the UK in 2020 (courtesy of the Office of National Statistics) we can see the problem is not going away and ineffective security measures might be largely to blame.

Clients find Safe Security Solutions because they already have security in place but it does nothing to stop threats and thefts. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you may have spent a lot of money on security measures, to find that they are ineffective. Security should be an investment that pays for itself, not an inconvenience that allows threats to continue.

Let’s look at what people really mean when they say their ‘security does not work’, the reasons why and (in the second blog) what can be done to change that. 

What does ‘not working’ really mean?

When people say this, they usually mean ‘does not stop crime or intrusions’’ the most valid reason to view a security measure as ineffective. There may be a number of contributory factors that cause this issue and here are a few that may sound familiar to you:

Incorrect Installation:

We’ve come across a number of people who have security systems in place that literally do not work. This is down to silly mistakes on the part of the installer, who may have fitted the system incorrectly and caused faults (such as allowing water ingress) or not considered issues like entry points when installing alarms, cameras and lighting. 

No Understanding Of Threats & Entry Points:

In many cases, we find that a local electricians or CCTV installers will have been contacted to install a security system. They may have been competitively priced or quoted and installed a basic package that does capture footage but does not deter criminals. 

Determining the areas where a criminal can cross a boundary or enter a property should be the focal point for where a system is installed. The chances are, a budget security system will have been placed where it is most aesthetically pleasing rather than where it is most effective and identifying the points that threats can access has not been considered. 

The Security Camera System Is Not Suitable:

About 90% of the time, we visit properties and businesses where the CCTV cameras are low resolution and the night vision footage is not clear enough to identify culprits. Effective recording range and the ability to see through poor weather conditions (like fog or rain) will also compromise the effectiveness of the camera system. 

Passive Security Takes No Action:

Most security systems such as CCTV or PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) lighting take no further action to scare a criminal away and create constant false alarms which negate the genuine threats. No immediate action allows crimes to continue without any intervention.

False Alarms:

A graphic of a man walking over an area with underground security sensors being triggered

False alarms undermine our faith in the security system we have in place. Look at car alarms: Most people are so used to hearing a car alarm go off that we generally see them as a nuisance rather than an alert to an attempted crime. 

The same goes for home and business security, when the sheer number of alerts mean that real intrusions are ignored, or worse still (and believe us this happens) security measures are actually turned off to stop nuisance false alarms… Then you really should have saved your money or bought a dummy system in the first place that will act only as a visual deterrent. 

The Measures In Place Are Ignored:

Touching on the above point, many systems such as PIR lighting are constantly triggered and become so regular that they are ignored completely. Basic CCTV is much the same and has no benefit to deterring a determined criminal.

Criminals Come Equipped To Bypass Basic Security:

Side entrance gate to a production facility with yellow gate, post and a chain link fence

On a simplistic level, carrying bolt croppers or tools to get through entry points like fences and gates is the standard kit for most criminals and wearing a hat or face mask makes it hard to identify people, even with fairly advanced CCTV. The main tool a criminal uses is their attitude: put simply, if they do not fear the prospect of getting caught in the act then basic security is not doing its intended job. 

Burglar Alarms Reacting Too Late

Lastly, let’s look at internal alarm systems; These may effective at putting off intruders as they enter the property but by that point, the damage has already been done. You shouldn’t have to wait for a window to be smashed or a door damaged before the criminal is scared away.

As mentioned above, organised criminals may bring additional tools to simply bypass these measures, such as a ladder and cans of expanding foam to spray into the alarm siren, rendering it inoperative. This may sound like a lot of trouble to go to for most homes but when you deal with larger estates or high-value targets, you’ll find that criminals can be incredibly well-prepared and will have done their homework.

So What Can Be Done To Improve Security?

Realising there is a problem is a good start but taking action is essential to stopping criminal activity and threats. In the second part of this blog, we look at what solutions can be provided and how existing security may be upgraded to be more effective.

If the above issues sound familiar, please get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions team and see what we can do to eliminate false alarms, secure your boundaries and perimeters and provide a security system that works all year round without being visually obtrusive.

These systems do exist. Let us guide you through the process and provide the peace of mind you need.

SafeSiteCam AI Camera System pciture taken up close with a blue sky in the background