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What Is The Best Security System Money Can Buy?

A quick Google Search of “the best security system money can buy” will yield some fairly confusing results. 

In part, this is because we have so many options when it comes to security. We tend to find factors that do not really relate to the quality of protection in favour of the features or price:

  • Best for DIY.
  • Best wireless system.
  • Best smart home security.
  • Most affordable.
  • Best overall system.
  • Best alarms system.

Whilst all those factors are important, they really do not cover exactly what they are supposed to do… Which is to provide protection. 

It’s great that they are convenient to set up, completely wireless, have a loud alarm or have a decent security rating but can we really trust them? 

The answer is no. 

We’ll explain why. 

What If Money Was No Object When it Came To Security? 

A luxury home from an aerial view with security perimeter lines.

Firstly, we completely understand that we’re in the middle of a financial crisis. Energy bills, fuel, wages and strike action is all we hear about on the news and fewer people are in a position to obtain the absolute best of everything. 

But these people do exist.

The fact is, the people with the most are becoming a bigger target for organised crime and their security system is usually vastly under-equipped for the types of criminals perpetrating these crimes. The more visible wealth someone has (as a home, estate or business owner) the more likely they are to become a target. 

Generally speaking, these will not be crimes of convenience. They will be well-researched by hardened criminals and standard security will not do a lot to stop them.

Much as we love convenient perks like wireless systems, visible alarms and easy installation, these are useless features if they do not provide immediate and robust protection. 

So what should you be looking for when it comes to effective security?

Stopping Threats The Moment They Are Detected.

People generally think of security measures as something you mount on your home or business buildings. In fact, this should be the innermost ring of security, which is already responding too late to any form of threat. If a threat has progressed as far as the property then the security system has already failed.

Security should begin at the perimeter or property boundary. 

Identifying a threat and taking action the second they cross the line or invisible barrier onto a property is the correct time to stop it from escalating. For this to work, every security system should be unique and geared to the environment they are situated in. 

If you are looking for the best security system that money can buy then it probably won’t be anything standard, out of the box or recommended and installed by a local company. 

But why? 

Threat Assessment and Site Surveying.

To understand the correct security system for any location, you need to understand the types of threats they face, the environment in which the security system will be situated and any existing infrastructure already in place to provide protection. 

This process takes time and a lot of understanding:

  • You need to look at entry and exit points that a person or vehicle could use to access the property. 
  • What existing security is already in place
  • Is this a suitable specification?
  • How robust the physical barriers (such as walls and fences) are to stop intrusions?
  • Are there open areas that would benefit from covert buried detection?
  • What the false alarm rate currently looks like.
  • How is all existing security processed and reacted to?
  • What response measures are/should be in place? Including guards, lighting, siren, alarms etc.
  • If there are any cohesive methods of tying all security together like ISS monitoring software

These are not the types of questions that most property owners will not consider and sadly, many alarm and security installers do not take the time to fully understand these issues before recommending and installing a system. 

It means you are not getting value for money or adequate protection because it will fail when you need it the most. 

So What Is The Best Security System That Money Can Buy? 

The simple answer to this complicated question is… whatever suits your needs and protects your perimeter the best. Any and all security systems should be cross-compatible to work as one all-encompassing security measure that protects in any environment, terrain type and weather. Ideally with zero false alarms.

As it will be impossible to answer the exact needs of every reader of this blog, let’s run you through some of the security systems that you may or may not know exist. Systems which eliminate false alarms and take immediate action when the perimeter is crossed:

SensoGuard Buried Intrusion Detection:

These incredible sensors were originally developed to measure seismic activity for monitoring earthquakes. Then they were used for a wide range of military applications. Now they are available to commercial and private property owners.

They are buried to a depth of around 30 cm (1 foot) and form an invisible shield of detection. They cannot be bypassed or interrupted, detecting and differentiating between vehicle and human movement and the classic causes of false alarms like wildlife and changeable weather. 

For open ground, areas without defined perimeters and tricky areas like woodland, SensoGuard are a brilliant solution. 

El-Far Fence-Mounted Protection (PIDS):

Control Room Diagram of a fence detection system alerting a camera in a display room

El-Far is based in Israel and provides globally-recognised security measures which attach to almost any form of fencing or mounted barrier. 

They have a wide range of detection devices which are specifically developed to work on various surfaces, ranging from standard wire mesh or palisade fencing to the internal parts of storage areas and building structures. 

With adjustable settings and the ability to locate and pinpoint intrusion attempts, El-Far’s products are the obvious choice to make physical boundaries more robust by detecting impacts, cutting, scaling or (in some cases) even attempted tunnelling underneath. 

Magos Radar Systems:

We rarely think of radar outside of military or aeronautical applications. But it is available to the general public and it provides a very, very reliable way of detecting movement and triggering measures to stop threats from escalating. 

Radar works more effectively than even the most advanced CCTV because it is not reliant on visible lines. It will not be rendered useless by snow or rain for example. Physical obstacles such as trees or objects that break the line of sight will not stop it from working. Essentially, it can detect movement without the need for the visual element that CCTV systems are reliant up. 

It can, however, work exceptionally well in conjunction with high-specification camera systems. When movement is detected by the Magos Radar system, it will alert localised CCTV to the area of interest, immediately forcing them to physically turn, focus, zoom in and record the area… Which can be used to trigger alarms, lighting or other security measures designed to stop threats in their tracks. 

AI-Enhanced CCTV Systems:

CCTV in many cases can be flawed. This is usually a result of using a system which is not up to the specifications for the job required. 

Combining advanced camera systems with effective AI-powered software will give you the extra layer of security to suit almost any application. It can work in sub-optimal conditions (such as darkness or poor weather which affects lighting) to detect and analyse threats. This may include ANPR recognition for number plates or threat assessment to differentiate between humans, vehicles and non-threats like animals or wildlife. 

AI-CCTV works where standard CCTV fails. But if you combine that with a powerful detection method (as listed above) then you have a much more effective recording system. One that is able to analyse the threat, record the correct, localised feed and take action to stop escalations. 

Integrated Security System Software (ISS):

3 security feed screens in a control room displaying CCTV footage

Naturally, if you are using different products to work in unison, you will require a powerful and intuitive way of bringing all that data together, interpreting it and taking action. 

ISS allows you to monitor live feeds, use satellite imagery to monitor sectors and take full control of your perimeter or protected areas. 

You have the freedom to control everything from a smartphone or computer with the power to enable or disable safe zones (DMZs) set up routines (hours of operation) or simply review alarms and footage. 

ISS is the cement that holds your various methods of security together. Ensuring that reliable and uninterrupted protection is taking place, without false alarms. 

How Do You Find Out More About The Best Security?

If you’ve read this far then you probably have a pretty good idea about any flaws in your current security and what issues you would like to address. 

The team at Safe Security Solutions can help you with the next step, you simply need to get in touch with us

We are here to discuss your concerns, assess your requirement and provide the very best security available to protect you, your property and your assets. We’ll come to your location and provide a free survey and plan of action. 

Budgets are not always the first consideration when it comes to security but we’ll always work to find the solution that works best for you, provide the equipment, arrange installation and assist with the setup so that you have no compromise when it comes to your safety and protection

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