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What About The Small Items? Avoid On-Site Mistakes.

Construction sites employ a security company like us to make sure expensive site and plant equipment are safe. But what about the smaller items, the contractor’s personal equipment? What happens to these?

Certainly, they are less likely to be seen than the big machines and cranes on site. However don’t think they won’t be seen, it only makes sense that someone will notice these items.

There reports industry-wide of occasional problems occurring where site contractors drivers are leaving their own equipment visible in a vehicle cab when they finish work for the day. This is easy prey for an eagle-eyed thief who then would cause damage to the vehicle to gain entry, and steal whatever they see.

We have had a report ourselves recently of something like this happening and apart from the inconvenience, it delays the next day’s work which, which increases the financial burden on companies.

So the procedure here is that our staff, as would be expected, will call the police, the police will then issue a crime reference number, the crime reference number and a report will then be given to the insurers. The insurers will then evaluate the claim, look at the circumstances and what could have been done to prevent it. Now, the insurance company will do 2 things either pay or they will decline the claim. Why would they decline? Simply because they could class the act of leaving the items on display as negligence.

Who bears the financial burden?…not the insurer. All of which could have so easily been prevented by a moments thought.

We advise all contractors that plant & equipment can be easily monitored, but their own items can cause a lot of problems for all concerned if the driver does not follow basic rules. So please take a moment to get in touch.

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