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Using a Concierge to Keep Your Premises Are Safe

For both your residents and their guests, having a concierge on the doors of your building creates a different atmosphere; one of peace and safety! As the person in charge of the entrance of a building, a concierge becomes a familiar face for your tenants; greeting visitors, arranging things for their employers, controlling the operation of elevators and accepting deliveries. As a provider of security staff for businesses, we know a thing or two about this and may be able to help.

So what exactly are the benefits of having a concierge on your premises?

Peace of Mind – Particularly useful for residential premises, guests may feel endangered when returning to their building in the early hours of the morning. However, having a concierge at the entrance eliminates fear for your guests. It also guarantees that your tenants are safely entering and exiting your premises.

Acts as a Deterrent – Believe it or not, the mere presence of a concierge is enough to stop your tenants from causing trouble on your premises. They are unlikely to do anything untoward as the guards will be quick to react to the issue. Not only this but thieves and vandals are unlikely to choose a building that is being guarded by SIA security guards – as it’s a riskier process than breaking into an unmarked building.

Quick Response – Unfortunately, police resources are becoming more and more stretched as they simply don’t have the time to respond to “smaller incidents”. However, with a concierge on-site at all times, they can respond to any incidents within seconds of it happening.

At Safe Security – Specialist Security Solutions London, we provide concierge security for hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, offices and residential apartments. On each of these premises, the concierge may perform a different operational functions but the overall basic functions are the same. They are professional and friendly personnel who ensure that all guests and staff remain secure and comfortable, and that the building is maintained and run efficiently.

As providers of professional security services, we are known within the industry for possessing a strong concierge division, due to the fact that our concierges are excellent at what they do. To find out more information about our business security Essex or any of our other security solutions, get in touch with our team on 0208 555 6800 or email [email protected].

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