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Unlicensed Security Under Scrutiny

The SIA are hot on the tails of security firms providing unlicensed staff to their clients. Recently a court in Derbyshire found a security firm boss guilty of providing unlicensed guards at a luxury development and handed out fines.

Nathan Salmon, Investigations Manager was quoted:

“The owners of the houses in paid Ford to provide private security. They should have been safe in the knowledge that the people guarding their property were trained, qualified, and held the appropriate SIA licences”

This follows Wimbledon magistrates court ruling on a Lambeth based security firm supplying unlicensed guards to a play center in Merton.

SIA Investigations Manager, Nathan Salmon said:

“The outcome of this case demonstrates the SIA’s ongoing commitment to pursue those companies that flagrantly disregard regulation, as well as taint the otherwise healthy reputation of today’s security industry.”

Industry regulation has tightened up its ship and it is a warning shot across the bows to the industry. With greater client understanding of the industry and with the SIA’s determination to stamp out unlicensed guards there are rocky times ahead for many firms unless they adhere to the rules.

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