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Ultra-High Net Worth Individual Security

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you secure your safety, privacy, home & assets.
An ultra high net worth individuals home in the UK, overlooking a lake.
Safe Security Solutions

UHNWI & VIP Security

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A beautiful British home with a multiple windows, a well maintained garden and ivy on the walls in a pre-Victorian style.


UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) are a common target for a range of crimes and intrusions due to the nature of their lifestyle and wealth.

UHNWI’s include celebrities, business people, lottery winners, politicians, sportspeople, bankers, musicians, art collectors, social media influencers, car collectors or anyone with a large level of wealth or assets. They face threats that most people would not be aware of. 

We provide security solutions that can prevent those threats from taking place by alerting relevant parties, scaring away the threat and gathering evidence which can be used later to pursue convictions or restraining orders as necessary. 

We offer you cost-effective security solutions for UHNWI’s across the UK, Ireland and in some parts of Europe. We’re fully able to advise, install and protect large estates with many acres of land to townhouses and smallholdings with systems that are undetectable and 100% reliable


    • Break-ins
    • Stalking
    • Lack of privacy
    • Covert photography and reporters
    • Threats to life
    • Violent robbery
    • Acts of terrorism
    • Politically-motivated crimes
    • Building intrusion
    • Targeted burglary
    • Property damage
    • General security
    • Internal threats & mistrusted peers
    • Threat prevention
    • Trespassing
    • General nuisance

    Threats can present themselves in a number of ways for UHNWI’s and VIPs. We’re acutely aware that some threats will be external such as stalkers, press intrusions or burglars, whilst others may be from people entrusted by the individual or family. 

    We aim to identify those threats and put systems in place to reduce or eliminate the possibility of issues occurring before they happen. 

Basic Security For UHNWI’s and VIPs

Many UHNWI’s will have some common security measures in place but often these are unreliable, have a high failure rate and can be unsightly or aesthetically displeasing:

  • CCTV
  • PIR Motion sensors
  • Noisy intrusion alarms & sirens
  • Spotlights or flashing beacons

These may deter intruders but you might prefer more reliable security that cannot be seen or tampered with…

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Common security measures have a high failure rate and will often generate false alarms. You need security that will detect intrusions and threats and deal with the problem before it escalates with 100% reliability.  

Safe Security Solutions will visit you, make a full risk assessment of your existing security and look at how we can expand upon that. Our systems can be integrated to work alongside the measures you already have in place.

We provide detection security such as smart fences and perimeter systems (that only activate under for genuine threats) which are much more reliable than PIR sensors. 

Alongside that, we have seismic detection systems which are completely invisible and able to differentiate between a genuine threat or animal and weather conditions. Both are waterproof, weatherproof, reliable and produced to military standards.

We have ultra-long-range cameras (visible or covert) which can be triggered to a target area by the sensors and we can provide security fencing along your boundary and perimeters.  

We aim to eliminate threats before they happen.

We understand that you want security measures that are not an eye-sore but do provide the layer of protection that allows you to enjoy your private life without worry.

The Installation Process

When you have the need for reliable security,  we follow this process before installation:

1. You enquire with Safe Security Solutions.
2. We have an initial discussion on what problems you are experiencing.
3. What do you believe you are looking for?
4. We see what we can potentially offer as the solution.
5. We then send an RFI document (Request for Information document) regarding site details, fences, locations, sizes, existing security on site, CCTV on site, improvements you may need etc.
6. We submit a quote of the proposed spend and what that covers. Generally done within 24-36hrs
7. We will work to find the best solution that is suitable for your budget.
8. Once approved, we’ll conduct a site visit to survey the site and finalise any potential installation problems.
9. We’ll then arrange the installation, install teams (you can use ours or your own preferred team) and payment.
10. An installation date is booked.
12. The kit is installed, configured and your security team is briefed on its use.

Site drawings (if available) are required to determine what the location consists of eg: land, space, views, access, the position of buildings, ease of access, etc.

Considerations like tree roots or power lines may restrict where we can place a fence for fence system sensors or prevent the installation of the buried sensors.

Power lines may prevent us from installing a 6metre CCTV pole in the best location as we are not allowed to install them with uptown 15mtrs of overhead power lines so we assess the next best position for maximum coverage.

We look at existing perimeter fences: Are they suitable? Are they strong enough? Are they the ideal height, type etc for the on-site threat/risk?

We understand your need for complete protection. We fulfil that need.

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Effective and 100% reliable security may be far more affordable than you think and prevent threats before they happen.

Safe Security Solutions will work with you and your security team to find the best solution to your problems.

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