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Are you a security installer or a distributor looking to expand your services and security product range?

Sensoguard Seismic security technology is invisible, vandal-proof, versatile and weather-resistant, suitable for any type of project. Implementing the same technology that is used to detect earthquakes. Our SensoGuard standalone security detectors react to vibrations both above and below ground to detect intruders on foot or in vehicles and digging.

Systems are available from Safe Security Systems, who are the Approved UK agent.

Buried seismic sensor UK

System benefits

  • Detects footsteps up to 10m diameter

  • Detects vehicles up to 20m diameter

  • Detects digging up to 20m diameter.

  • Invisible

  • Wind resistant

  • Fog resistant

  • Mains powered (or solar/battery for remote areas)

  • Maintenance free

  • Easy installation

  • Free design software

  • Mains or long-life batteries * Wireless kits
  • Configures to CCTV

Systems available

  • Standalone sensors
  • Home security
  • Commercial security
  • Farm systems
  • Portable and Tactical systems
  • Fly-tipping systems
  • Rapid PTZ kits
  • Invisible fence systems
  • Adaptable fence systems.
  • Free design software

  • Free System Design software
  • Command & Control software
Flytipping camera UK

Installer benefits

Approved Security Installers and Distributors will be able to offer SensoGuard advanced buried seismic security sensors to your clients which will put you ahead of your competition. 

Interested companies will be able to Register online via our website. Once you have received your Registration approval, you will be able to sign into the Approved Installers and Distributors section.  This area will give access to preferential Trade prices, marketing documents, PDF’s, prices, design software and training documents.

You are now fully equipped to offer your clients some of the most advanced security detection sensors on the global market.

To register your early interest, email [email protected]

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