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Traffic Marshall Staff

Hiring Traffic Marshalls?

What is a Traffic Marshall?

A Traffic Marshall or Banksman is the person responsible for ensuring the safety of movement for large vehicles on construction sites, major transportation hubs, large vehicle parks or loading areas.

This may apply to heavy machinery like bulldozers or cranes. The banksman is the person in charge of safe movement around the site, particularly where large vehicles are in operation.

Employing communications over the radio and using banksman hand gestures, the Traffic Marshall provides specific instructions to drivers and operators to help reduce the risk of accidents and stop dangerous situations before they happen. 

  • Fully-Trained Risk Assessment
  • Understand The Limitations Of Movement Of Heavy Machinery
  • Identify Dangers Before The Happen
  • Clearing Obstructions In Work Areas
  • Communicate With Drivers & Operators

When You Need Them.

Permanent Or Part-time Banksmen

We understand that many construction projects or businesses may require around-the-clock staff or alternatively, part-time staff for the time being. 

Safety is critical to getting projects completed on time without dangerous distractions or accidents taking place. This is why we provide competent, qualified, experienced traffic marshalls who will oversee the safety of operatives and personnel, allowing maximum productivity within working hours.

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent traffic marshalls, you know you are in safe hands with our services. All of our Banksmen are fully-licensed and professional, so we can offer a quality service at competitive rates.

  • Full or Part-Time Traffic Marshall Staff
  • Traffic Marshall Qualified (Valid for 3 years) & Experienced
  • Live & Work Within The Locality
  • Guaranteed Peace Of Mind
  • Undertanding Of Workplace Requirements

Traffic Marshalls In London, Lincolnshire & The UK

The Areas We Cover

We work with a diverse range of clients across a broad range of industries including building & construction sites, docks, storage and warehousing to name a few. We proudly provide some of the most capable Banskmen and Traffic Marshalls in London, Lincolnshire, England & Most Of The UK.

Our committed and professional staff are based in the areas we cover:

  • London 
  • Lincolnshire
  • England
  • The United Kingdom

Traffic Marshall Requirements

Traffic Marhsall

Many construction sites and transport yards rely on a worker to provide the role of Banksman: Directing traffic and ensuring things are running smoothly and safely. 

Any Banksman should hold a Traffic Marshall Certificate, which is valid for three years. 

The staff we provide at Safe Security Solutions will hold this certificate, along with relevant experience in the field.


Having a professional and qualified Traffic Marshall member of staff could also fulfil the role of an on-site security officer.

Many of our staff have both licenses which can work out to be much more cost-effective than paying two full-time individuals.

This creates a better response and control. Qualified staff with the understanding of both roles will prove a bigger asset to the team and work out cheaper.

Temporary Or
Full Time Staff

We’re able to provide full-time or temporary staffing provided here is a minimum of 5 hours charged.

This will be a blessing for short-term contracts or cover for sickness, absence or difficulty in procuring reliable Traffic Marshall staff.

The role is critical to keep businesses running smoothly and safely: That’s why Safe Security Solutions operate a flexible policy on part-time cover staff or full-time members of your team.

Book Traffic Marshall Staff

Securing competent Banksmen is easy. 

Simply call or use the enquiry form to get in touch and speak to the Safe Security Solutions team. Let us know your  requirements and we’ll find a solution that suits you.