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Are you a security installer or a distributor looking to expand your services and security product range?

Safe Security Solutions are proud to be the Approved UK agent of Sensoguard buried security solutions.

Become A Sensoguard Approved Installer

Safe Security Solutions is a proud partner of SensoGuard, the creator of some of the world’s leading buried intruder detector systems. 

As an approved UK agent, we are able to offer direct sales to security installers of the various SensoGuard technologies and systems. 

We’re able to provide, for the first time in the UK, direct access to the Sensoguard range for you to install yourself on to properties and workplaces. 

Simply register using the form below. Once you have received your registration approval, you will be able to sign into the “Approved Installers and Distributors” section of the website.

This area will give access to preferential trade prices, marketing documents, PDF’s, prices, design software and training documents. You will be fully equipped to offer your clients some of the most advanced security detection sensors on the global market.

Installer Benefits

  • Other security companies cannot offer UK access to approved Sensoguard products.
  • This highly advanced buried seismic-security sensor technology provides an invisible barrier to intruders.
  • Client peace of mind is ensured with this buried detection system.
  • Get ahead of the competition and offer exclusive access to Sensoguard products.
  • Ideal for clients who do not wish to compromise the aesthetic of their premises.
  • Able to stand up to the harshest of weather.
  • A fully automated, undetectable and reliable buried intrusion system.
  • Easy installation.
  • Integrates seamlessly with almost any existing security system.
  • Add an extra layer of security or add to your existing security setup.
  • Safe Security Solutions can help and advise on setup, installation and how and where to install the detectors.

System benefits

  • Based on sensitive seismic technology used for earthquake detection.
  • The Sensoguard system identifies threats in its vicinity and alerts the relevant parties.
  • Manufactured to strict military-grade standards.
  • Fully functional all year-round.
  • Fully weather-proof against the UK’s changeable weather.
  • Systems can detect potential threats both above and below ground.
  • Once installed, the system will not be visible or affect the aesthetics of a property or workplace.
  • Vandalism-proof thanks to being underground and undetectable.
  • Reduce false-positives with intelligent Sensoguard technology, able to differentiate threat levels thanks to adaptive algorithms, optimised to minimise false alarms rate (FAR) and maximise the probability of detection (PD)
  • The system can identify a wide range of intrusions including human footsteps, vehicle movement, digging activity, animal and property damage amongst others.
  • Easy to integrate with virtually any existing security system.
  • Add an extra layer of reliable protection.
  • Also operates as a standalone security system on guarded or unguarded sites.
  • Worry-free and reliable early detection system to secure and protect your assets and property.

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