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Security Fencing

Safe Security Solutions works closely with  Titan Security Fencing  across the UK to provide security fencing for any requirement and scale.
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Who Are Titan Security Fencing?

Based in Greater Manchester and covering the whole of the UK, Titan Security Fencing is an established expert in the security fencing sector, with over 60 years of experience. 

The Safe Security Solutions team have worked with the Titan team on a number of projects and seen how reliable and efficient they are at providing everything relating to fencing, security gates, barriers and other fixed security measures. 

Working Alongside Titan Security Fencing:

We are proud to work with them and happy to refer our own clients for their services. Safe Security Solutions provides that extra layer of security that works seamlessly with Titan’s products, with security systems that fully integrate with their fence systems.

Regardless of your sector, scale or requirement, we know that Titan Security fencing will make any project a quality experience, providing and installing the necessary fencing, gates or access points in a timely and efficient manner.

Please feel free to get in touch with their team directly.

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The range of products from Titan Security Fencing

Titan Security Fencing provides its services throughout the UK for everything from educational institutions and sports arenas, to corporations, retail chains and airports. 

Fully CHAS accredited, they provide unparalleled quality of service combined with a wealth of experience in the sector, making them the obvious choice for the full spectrum of fencing requirements. 

Palisade fencing which was installed by Titan Security Fencing
Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing is a popular choice for securing perimeters and discouraging vandalism, providing a visual deterrent that is hard to climb or bypass.

Titan provides standard galvanised or custom-coloured to your preference.

Virtually any scale can be catered for, throughout the UK.

Mesh fencing from Titan Security Fencing
Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing is extremely popular and works very effectively with the fence-mounted systems provided by Safe Security Solutions. 

Custom mesh fences are made to order can you can choose from welded mesh, chain link, steel paladin mesh systems, v-mesh, twin-wire mesh and 358 prison mesh.

Sports Fencing by Titan Security Fencing
Sports Fencing

Almost all sporting arenas or outdoor areas will require sports fencing to keep the play in and keep threats out. 

Titan Security Fencing can provide any height or length and fully comply with BS 1722. This ensures a solid and robust surface, able to withstand the kind of impacts associated with sports.

Custom metal security gates. from Titan Security Fencing

Custom Metal Gates

Gates are vital to controlling and securing access points. They need to be robust and reliable from a security standpoint but also fit in with the aesthetic of the area they will be situated in. 

Titan Security can fabricate and install almost any kind of security gate. From fully electrical and self-powered to cantilever-sliding gates with no need for tracks, wheels or support beneath them. Their team will understand your needs and ensure you have the correct gate.

Access control gates from Titan Security Fencing

Access Control Gates

Access control forms the backbone of security and stops most threats at the obvious point of entry. They provide barriers for traffic control or restricted points of access.

Titan Security Fencing can manufacture and install PoE access control gates to work in conjunction with your security. 

These can be fully automated for traffic or pedestrian use with maintenance and aftercare packages available. 

Customer barriers, bollards and shelters from Titan Security Fencing

Barriers, Bollards & Shelters

Barriers, bollards and shelters must be fit for purpose: proving relevant protection, complying with all relevant safety standards and not looking out of place in their given environment. 

Titan Security fencing can work with almost any budget and will guide business owners and domestic users to ensure they have a robust, reliable custom solution for their requirements.

Metal Railings by Titan Security Fencing

Metal Railings

Railings should always suit their environment and intended use. 

Titan Security Fencing design and fabricate railings to cater for the needs of every client; from children’s play areas and homes to vertical bar security railings; ideally suited for a wide range of commercial uses.

Clients can approve the design before work commences. You can even pick the colour of the paint. 

Site hoarding fence system by Titan Security

Site Hoarding

Protecting sites from the outside and providing reliable security and a visual deterrent reduces antisocial behaviour, and protects the property within. All site hoarding has to meet a range of health and safety protocols as well as fire-retardant requirements.

All site hoarding is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and can be quickly deployed and re-used on projects as and when required. 

Acoustic fencing by Titan Security Fencing

Acoustic Fencing

Available for internal or external use, acoustic fencing provides a physical barrier whilst blocking some of the acoustics within a given area.

Manufactured within the UK from recycled plastic and reinforced fibreglass between robust steel posts. 

Ideally suited to industrial or construction-based environments and sites. 

Get In touch with the Titan Security Fencing team:

For assistance with any aspect of fencing please contact the Titan Security fencing team. They can work to any scale and provide complete, affordable fencing across the UK. 

Contact Details:

566 Liverpool Road
M44 6ZA

Telephone: 0161 298 1330
Email: [email protected]

Titan Security Fencing vehicles

… Or contact the Safe Security Solutions team for effective perimeter security systems.

If you have existing fencing in place or you are planning to install fencing in the near future, you may wish to consider going the extra step to ensure the perimeter is secured. 

The Safe Security Solutions team specialises in detection systems that take immediate action without false alarms.

We are the team to talk to when you want complete protection without compromise.