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3 Rings of Security

Three Rings of Security

Three Rings of Security

Security is not driven by a single system, product or process. Good security requires a thoughtful experienced approach that encompasses more than the normal ‘Insurance approved’ doors, locks, windows, sensors, alarms and a flashing box on an outside wall. These items are always installed within a building to help reduce an insurance companies’ financial risks on your property as a line of your Defence. They should be the most basic level of preventative measure for any business owner.

But why do we allow them to reach that last line of Defence?

At Safe Security Solutions, we feel that security is best accomplished by approaching the issue from a three-ring perspective. There are three distinct rings of security protection that surround your business and you must address each ring to be effective. Let’s review the three rings and how to secure each.

The Outer Ring – this is your perimeter protection. BLUE

In a free-standing facility, the perimeter may be at your property fence line, this may apply to offices or a warehouse.

In a retail environment, the ring may start at the outside wall. In a shopping centre that perimeter should extend to the outside of the building.

Does the centre provide a reasonable level of security to prevent after-hours access? Does the centre provide security officers after hours to patrol the space and check your store?

What can you do to improve the security of the outer ring of your property?

Consider installing CCTV cameras that monitor the outside of your premises. A thief must approach your location and the installation of outside CCTV cameras sends a message that you take security seriously.

Outside CCTV allows you to identify who is knocking on the Outer ring. BUT, what is happening with the CCTV footage?

  • Is it live monitored? Or
  • Just recording?

Live CCTV monitoring is where an existing CCTV system can be set up to trigger the live footage of a would-be intruder to a remote security CCTV Monitoring room. The controller within the Monitoring room would then see what the person is doing on site. He can then issue a live verbal warning to the intruder that he has been detected or dispatch security or call the Police. He can also remotely switch on automated sirens and flashing security lights as a physical warning that he has been detected.

Fence lines can be adapted to detect people attempting to climb the perimeter by using Perimeter Intruder Detection systems, PIR’s, Infra-red lamps.

On site Security guards is a great way of securing premises and ensuring a safe lock up and opening procedure.

Stopping someone at your perimeter is to prevent them from entering the Middle ring.

The Middle Ring – this is inside your actual space. YELLOW

Do you have good security lights across your yard? Do you have flashing beacons and sirens? These are great for creating a scare factor and making other people aware something is happening at your property.

Are there good locks on the windows and doors? Do you use burglary-resistant glazing or laminated glass in all windows and doors? Do you have adequate Security warning signs?

Does CCTV cover all entry points so you get good facial images of persons entering your space? Do you have hold up alarms / panic alarm buttons in a number of secure known places?

The alarm system that protects your space should be monitored by a listed central station monitoring service. The alarm system should have line security to detect tampering with the signal transmission path. Does your alarm notify management as well as the local police? Have you tested the alarm system recently?

Do you have sound opening and closing procedures? Do you have a code word procedure to alert staff to trouble or suspicious activity?

The Inner Ring – this is your main financial loss area. RED

Are internal doors strong, secure and locked? Are all keys locked away?  Are valuables locked away?  Is equipment suitably security marked? Do you have the Make, Model and Serial numbers of all equipment? Is it bolted down correctly?

Do you limit the amount of merchandise left out of the safe at night? Are high value goods distributed across the store? Have you considered burglary resistant or laminated glass for your showcases?

What is the rating on your safe? Will the police respond within the time limit that UL has listed your safe to resist attack? Does your alarm system protect the safe? Is the safe visible on your CCTV system?

Do you have a suitable Commercial CCTV system in place? Can you stream the vault image from the store to view at home?

How is the video quality on your CCTV system? Would the footage be usable for the CPS and Police? Have you thought of internal sirens and flashing beacons to help create panic?

Is store lighting adequate for good footage after hours? Are exterior windows unobstructed to allow sight into the store?

Consider CCTV camera placements. CCTV cameras at entry points can capture excellent facial images of people entering your location. This can be very valuable in identifying a thief after an event. Make sure security signs are placed where people can see they are being recorded, this is great for reducing a possible theft.

Make sure you protect your recording equipment by securing in a locked cabinet or closet. Consider off premises storage of all digital images.

As you evaluate the three rings, you will note that they depend on each other for stability and support. A weak outer ring would have to be supported by strengthening the two inner rings. Similar actions should be considered if you sense that any weaknesses exist.

By approaching the problem from a three-ring perspective, you can make your facility more burglary and theft resistant than others. Generally, you don’t have to make your location “burglar proof” but simply demonstrate that it is better secured than another target.

If you are planning to change service providers or make upgrade changes to your existing service and have questions, call Safe Security Solutions for advice that is specific to your situation.

Safe Security Solutions is a provider of Security Guards, Commercial CCTV systems, Remote Monitoring, Perimeter Intruder Detection systems. Call us on 020 8555 6800.

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