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The Importance of SIA Guards

If your business is considering investing in a quality security provider you need to know that you are able to put your full trust into the company that you are working with.

One way of doing this is to choose a security company that ensures that all guards hired are fully trained and vetted SIA security guards, like ours here at Safe Security Solutions.

The Security Industry Authority was established by the government to protect your businesses. It regulates the private security industry keeping the quality of the service you receive high and criminality to a minimum. If a guard holds an SIA licence, you can be sure that the security officer is fully trained and certified to complete their job.

Any fully certified SIA security guard will have been trained to respond to any and all situations that they have to deal with in the field, placing you and your business in trustworthy hands.

The SIA licensing program is broken down like this:

·      First the individuals must learn the essentials of the common security industry, for example health and safety procedures and awareness of the law.

·      This is then further segmented into specialist training sections where officers can learn the services they will be carrying out in depth, such as patrolling.

·       All essential services that could possibly be needed will be covered in the training, and all security guards will have a comprehensive understanding of each so you can sleep soundly knowing they are protecting you and your business.

At Safe Security Solutions, we make sure that all our guards are SIA assessed and certified, offering only the highest security standards and solutions for your business. We work with a handpicked team that we know and trust, most of whom have worked with us for several years and are experts in the field.

We cover a wide range of security services for all your business needs. Work with us to create a bespoke security system for you, contact us or call today on 020 8555 6800.

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