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A security guard talking on a radio looking out across the London skyline.

The Importance of Manned Guarding

For those unaware, manned guarding is a method of protecting a premise from unauthorised access or occupation by using a team of qualified security guards.

From business premises to construction sites and supermarkets to shopping centres, there isn’t a business or industrial area that couldn’t benefit from security guards, especially when there are valuable assets on site.

Safe Security Solutions provide bespoke security solutions London but work all over the country, providing companies with SIA approved manned guarding. As security experts, we understand the importance of protection using physical guards, but do you?

The team at Safe Security have put a list together of the reasons why manned guarding is important.

Prevent Theft and Crime

According to recent statistics, having a security guard on your site can actually prevent crime from happening. Every business or construction site can fall victim to theft and vandalism. But while a CCTV system Essex will record criminals and alarms will alert people of illegal activities, these do not guarantee that the criminal will be caught. However with a security guard on site, their physical presence should be enough to scare people off and if not, they will be there to catch an trespassers.

High Level of Security

You may already have alarm systems and CCTV setup on your premises, but employing security personnel will take your level of security to the next level. As mentioned previously, using three kinds of security protection should deter people from committing crimes on your premises. However, should they do anything illegal on your site, you have evidence through CCTV and opportunities to catch them via the alarms and manned guard.

Boost Morale

No matter what your industry or environment, security should be the number one concern of all businesses. Not only can your security guards offer business owners peace of mind, the guard can offer a sense of reassurance and stability to your staff members, which in turn will boost morale. While it is important that your assets and premises stay secure, it is also vital that your staff feel safe in their working environment. As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep staff morale high and you can do this by putting in place a well-developed security plan, including manned guards.

To find out more information about our business security Essex or any of our other manned guard services, call 0208 555 6800 or email [email protected].

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