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A luxury home from an aerial view with security perimeter lines.

The Best Security For Luxury Homes

Many people dream of living in a luxury home and having the kind of lifestyle that accompanies such a residence.

The problem is, these abodes can be an open target for criminals. The more appealing the home and possessions are, the higher the risk of thefts, vandalism, targeted criminal activity and in the worst-case scenario: threats to life.

If you live in a luxury residence which requires better security and you have concerns about crime, then it may be worth getting some advice from security experts. We’ll run you through some of the security options available and explain why many standard security systems are ineffective.

It’s important to understand how stopping a threat at the boundary line is one of the best methods of avoiding a crime from escalating.

Protect Your Perimeter:

Magos Radar Systems in front of a grand UK private home on a lake

Many security systems concentrate on capturing footage (CCTV) or creating an alert/alarm when a break-in is attempted.

This is already too late.

An effective security system should always deter a criminal the moment they attempt to enter the grounds of the property, not wait until they reach the property itself. If a threat is allowed to proceed as far as the home then the security system has already let you down and put you in danger.

Standard security has a high false alarm rate and this can cause a degree of indifference every time the alarm sounds or an alert goes off. It means that a genuine threat will be disregarded because alerts are commonplace and are more of an annoyance than any sort of benefit to protection. This is often down to an ineffective security system, either in terms of the hardware itself or as a fault of the installer who has given the wrong advice.

Before any form of security is installed on the property, there should be a full analysis of the site in question. Without this, it would be impossible to secure every area and all access points.

Many security companies will recommend what they want to install, not what you actually need for protection. This simply is not good enough. Your family, your home and your assets require complete protection and that begins with a thorough understanding of the area surrounding your home.

Scaling Security To Your Needs

We understand that many luxury homes can span over several acres/kilometres if you were to walk the boundary.

This is especially true of countryside homes or rural properties. The fact is, the full perimeter of the home should be where the protection begins. With alerts and alarms taking action the moment that line is crossed. If you make a criminal aware that action is being taken, evidence is being gathered and security personnel are on the way, then there is a very good chance they will be deterred in that instant.

Protecting the full perimeter of your luxury home is the first thing you should always consider if stopping crime is your goal.

What A Security System SHOULD Do:

Any effective security system stops threats the instant they occur.

If you have a security system in place and you’ve experienced thefts, harassment, break-ins or threats to life then that system is ineffective. Your security should:

  • Protect the full perimeter of your property
  • Create an alert the moment a genuine threat is detected
  • Pinpoint the location of that threat
  • Take immediate action to deter the threat
  • Capture high-resolution footage of that activity
  • Not be affected by changeable weather such as extreme cold, heat, rain or fog
  • Provide tamper-proof security
  • Create near-zero false alarms
  • Work even if the power is cut
  • Aesthetically fit the look of your property
  • Work regardless of changing terrain (woodland/garden/open areas/buildings/lakes etc)
  • Function seamlessly with all other security measures, including any already in place
  • Require no ongoing maintenance (aside from upgrades or pre-determined agreements with ARCs etc.)
  • Provide complete protection, year-in-year out

If your existing security does not do this then it may be time to seek some free, impartial advice. Safe Security Solutions can help with this, providing a free site assessment and survey with recommendations as to what the best security components would be for your peace of mind.

You may not be fully aware of the most robust security systems available in the UK or the specific environments they are suited to.

For a free, no-obligation discussion about your security, feel free to get in touch with Safe Security Solutions. We’ll begin your site assessment and help with the next steps to make you fully secure.