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A person entering their pin number at an ATM

Surfs Up! The Rise of Shoulder Surfing

Shoulder surfing is on the up. What is shoulder surfing you ask?

Is it a new Beach Boys song? is its  new wave riding technique? Or is it a major threat which we should all be aware of?

Shoulder surfing occurs when someone looks over your shoulder to try to gain your personal information. And since mobile technology now includes better quality cameras and the threat has become worse.

In the first four months of 2013 there were 7,525 reported cases of cash machine fraud nearly three times the figure from the previous year. Financial Fraud Action UK has warned people to be extra vigilant near cash machines when putting in PIN numbers.

Mike Bullman, Director at Safe Security Solutions says ‘ Crowded areas are a risk, bars and clubs, busy high streets etc.. but it can also happen in places you least expect like a quiet corner when your having a coffee. Once a upon a time a shoulder surfer would stand close to you while you punched in your personal details to an ATM, filled in a form or took out your credit card at a store, and wrote down or memorised your details. This still happens don’t think it doesn’t, but technology has helped move it on. Imagine you’re giving your details to someone on the phone such as card numbers, perhaps you are sending a text with addresses or private in formation, or you’ve simply left your card on a bar waiting for the bar tender to pick it up, it only takes a quick press of the record button on a phone or a quick snap of its camera and someone else has got the information they need. Our store detectives are trained in spotting shoulder surfing in different environments and we provide this service for several of our clients. So many times it’s the people you think the least likely who are the perpetrators. So be careful with your personal details numbers you never know who’s watching.’

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