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Years of experience in the sector and access to the latest security technologies mean we can identify security holes and make the right recommendations to stop threats.
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We are not like other security companies. 

Providing completely unique security systems is a big part of what we do but that begins with solving the problems with your current security measures. 

Working with companies, individuals and businesses, we can apply our years of experience in the security industry to identify gaps in your security: whether it be in the form of your current system which is not effective or recommended a completely custom system built from the ground up. 

Security should stop a threat in its tracks before safety is compromised or assets are taken. If your system cannot do that then you need an expert to identify the issues and put measures in place.

Security Solutions should not fail. They should be impervious to adverse weather, eliminate false threats and allow you the safety and comfort that comes from a secure environment.

We can recommend systems which will work seamlessly with your existing measures… Or create the foundation to complete, discreet security which eliminates false alarms and keeps you safe.

Security Consultancy Specialising In…

Perimeter Detection Systems
By El-Far

Working together with our Israeli supplier, we are able to supply high quality, bespoke perimeter intrusion detection systems. Advanced perimeter intrusion systems can be designed, developed and integrated to suit each clients individual requirements.

Buried Intrusion Detection Systems From Sensoguard

Buried Intrusion Detection Systems use buried seismic sensors to create an invisible boundary. The sensors use innovative seismic and magnetic technologies to detect movement, alerting the system to intruders.

Smart AI Security Camera & Systems

Most CCTV camera systems provide little more than a visual deterrent and a way to gather evidence AFTER an intrusion occurs. Our advance AI security camera systems alert the property owner and the would-be intruder as the threat is taking place. Find out more about our systems, today. 

Security Officers & Traffic Marshalls

Covering the UK’s Home Counties, our Security Officer and traffic Marshall service is currently used by clients from numerous sectors including Retail, Construction, Industrial, Factory, Warehousing, Storage, Manufacturing & Gatehouse Security. We’re a trusted provider of Security Officer provision with a proven track record for client satisfaction.

Consultancy & Assessment

Our consultancy service means we can work with you to produce a custom security system tailored to your requirements. We can assess your property and design a system to suit your security needs from the ground up or integrate seamlessly with the system you have in place to make it 100% effective. Get in touch for more information.

Get in touch for more info…

We’re happy to answer questions, let you know a little more about us or help you become a partner to stock our exclusive UK products from Sensoguard and El-Far. 

Simply click the ‘Learn More” button and get in touch.

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Safe Security Solutions is not your normal British security company. Our clients normally approach us to supply a full turnkey bespoke security solution where normal security systems, procedures and companies have failed

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