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Effective Protection For Solar Farms

Solar farms are an incredible thing: An innovative way to produce renewable energy and a sustainable income for landowners and business. But it comes at a price… Trespassing can be a regular threat along with criminal damage, organised crime and opportunistic thiefs. 

Maintenance and repairs can quickly stack up if effective security is not in place. Most companies will recommend CCTV and whilst this offers some security for solar farm owners, it can prove unreliable in varying weather conditions and cause a lot of flase alarms. We can eliminate those along with the threats.

Security Threats To Solar Farms

    • Solar Panel Thefts
    • Trespassing
    • Disgruntled Local Residents
    • Organised Criminal Activity
    • Equipment Damage
    • Industrial Espionage
    • Building Intrusion
    • Isolated Location, Ideal For Criminals
    • Cells, Cabling, Plant & Inverter Thefts
    • Uneconomical Repairs
    • Production Stoppage
    • Fly tipping
    • Opportunistic Crime
    • General Nuisance

Threats to solar farms are quite extensive and given the changeable weather conditions and large financial outlay to set the farm up, stoppages in production can be extremely costly. 

There are plenty of companies that offer security solutions for solar farms but few are particularly effective and basically gather evidence after a crime has occurred. This is simply not good enough.

Basic Security For Solar Farms

It is advisable to look at the problem areas on your farmland and put security measures in place, especially in areas where equipment, fuel, chemicals or equipment are stored. 

You may wish to consider:

  • CCTV Systems
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Secured access entry points
  • Motion activated alarms & sirens
  • PIR or laser activated lighting
  • Manned security stations

Security measures are costly and often rely on easily-triggered systems and a manned response. This can work but invariably, excess alarms can lead to lacklustre responses. Guards may take time to investigate a security breach and the threat has passed, the damage has been done. We can stop the threat as it happens. 

Safe Security Solutions Recommends

Given the huge costs of setting up and operating a solar farm, security should not be an afterthought. Standard security measures can either be marginally effective but flawed or at worst, an unreliable ongoing expensive. 

We offer perimeter security which can be integrated with your existing systems to eliminate false alarms and only notify security personnel when a genuine intrusion is taking place. 

Our El-Far fence mounted systems can be installed on most existing perimeter fencing to detect and pin-point an attempted scaling, damage or intrusion. This can be sent back as information to a central control room and enable guards to be dispatched or long range cameras to react and focus on the problem area. 

Other areas may be more open and an effective solution can be provided in the form of SensoGuard buried intrusion detection systems. These systems are completely invisible and able to differentiate between genuine threats (vehicles and footsteps) or weather conditions, wildlife and other false-threats. 

Real-Life Application

Solar farms really need to stop intrusions before the perimeter lines are broken and boundaries are crossed. 

Typically, there will already be fencing around the perimeter with limited access points for staff and vehicles to enter and exit the location. In rural areas, waterways may provide an additional level of protection as they provide limitations for criminals to cross into the restricted area. 

However, there may be other considerations such as local authorities limiting the ability to install fencing, walls or barriers due to planning regulations. This can leave open areas which can be crossed relatively easily and simple CCTV will not be effective in many circumstances such as inclement weather.

Our systems can tie all exiting security together and provide a 100% reliable barrier which detects intrusions the moment they happen and allow staff, authorities and security measures to be engaged before a real crime has taken place. 

Fence mounted systems are fairly easy to install and provide a live update on perimeters being scaled or broken whilst the underground seismic detectors use smart technologies developed for military use to track and monitor any intrusions without the perpetrator being aware. 

Combining these measures with alarms, CCTV, sirens, live audio deterrents and security staff ensures that all genuine threats are dealt with, in real-time. 

It’s far more cost-effective than you might believe. 

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