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The SensoGuard CCS 

The SensoGuard CCS (Command and Control Software) provides a very powerful alarm reporting user interface for use with SensoGuard security sensor systems.

The SensoGuard CCS can easily control and manage both wired and wireless systems.

The CCS software includes 3 separate sections:
  • System elements: Hubs and processing units hierarchical system view with the option to enable/disable any element of a system from a remote location

  • Map View: resizable map view of an area or site showing the location of each unit / sensor

  • Alarm Table View: The Alarm Table displays alarms which have been received from the SensoGuard sensors with relevant information as: time of alarm, type of alarm-Eg: foot or vehicle, hub No ID, unit ID

  • Alarms histories are saved in the Database and can be exported to a spreadsheet if required for backup purposes.

PC minimum requirements for running SensoGuard CCS:

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: I3 or above (recommended i5)
  • RAM: 2GB (recommended 4GB)
  • HDD: 250GB (recommended SSD HD)

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