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SensoGuard Software

Security products by SensoGuard are built for easy and simple integration with 3rd party software or systems.

SensoGuard are constantly adding and increasing support for many VMS systems and are happy to provide technical support for any integration effort with our system for Integrators.

A specially developed a range of software tools for PC and Android smartphones are also available and can downloaded or accessed via Google Play.


Software for PC with Windows operating systems.


Applications for Android Smartphones/Tablets

The SG Hunter – Sensoguard Android App

The SG Hunter App is an Android-based application for alarm management of the SensoGuard SG Cam kit system.

Using the SG Hunter app, the user can receive and preview alarms from a system installed on the field.

The SG-Hunter App displays the system location and will give an alarm notification on Google Maps.

The alarm table displays ‘an alarm snapshot’ and allows the user to filter according to his needs.

Always Live. Always Alert.

Monitor Assets In Real-Time

Live feeds from the Sensogaurd software will alert you to intrusions and threats as they happen. Allowing your security to address real issues and eliminate false alarms caused by less reliable security measures. 

PC Software

Windows PC

The PC software is fully compatible with any PC running on Windows and provides a clean and easy to navigate user interface to make monitoring easy. 

You can track the security of large estates, businesses and properties at the click of a mouse, across multiple sites that may be manned or unmanned by physical security staff. 

Android App

Smartphones or Tablets

Available from the Google Play store, the SG Patrol Android app does everything you need it to; With live feeds from your locations, alerts for intrusions and an easy-to-use menu system developed exclusively for Android devices. 

Security can be monitored whilst on the move, including staff in the field who need to identify a threat from an alert.