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Should my Construction Site have Fence Protection?

Did you know an estimated £800 million a year is lost due to the theft of construction equipment? These are just the costs of replacement, hiring any spare equipment, loss of business during this time and increases on insurance premiums.

So what if there was a solution to avoid paying any unnecessary costs due to theft of valuable equipment from your building site?

Here at Safe Security Solutions, we understand the building and construction sector, unlike no other security company. Our years of experience has given us invaluable knowledge of the industry’s very particular security requirements and so we’re able to offer our unique fence alarm systems. We believe that by investing in the right security defenses, you will see a drastic decrease in the likelihood of theft and vandalism on your site and save yourself the added stress of replacing the equipment should it happen.

For construction sites, there are many different types of security available. While there is no wrong or right choice we believe your security should be bespoke to your individual site.

If there is one thing for certain, the best security deters thieves before they even get close to the equipment they want to take. Believe it or not, our perimeter detection system provides that exact service. Once the intruder has touched the fence an alarm will be activated and the trespasser will be given a warning to move away from the premises. As the site owner you will also be alerted to the potential intrusion, allowing you to act accordingly with plenty of time to spare.

If you’re interested in protecting your site with Safe Security’s bespoke fence warning system, why not get in touch with our team on 020 8555 6800. We are now the authorised UK partner and installer for RBTEC; an integrated perimeter fence detection system that was established in 1986.

Not only that but our expert team hold industry leading accreditations and boast a fantastic reputation, offering a completely free site visit and quotation. Get in touch today on 020 8555 6800 or [email protected]

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