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SensoGuard Wins A European Award

Sensoguard has long been an industry-leading company for detection systems and has notched up a number of awards and accolades for its products. Their latest award is “Product Leadership Recognition” from Frost & Sullivan.

  • This award takes into account the following contributory factors:
  • Matching to clients needs
  • Reliability and quality
  • Product/Service value
  • Positioning
  • Design

As the exclusive UK provider and stockist of the SensoGuard buried intrusion detection range, we’re absolutely delighted to see such a prestigious award go to such a deserving company.

What Makes Sensoguard Stand Out?

SensoGuard are constantly developing and improving their buried detection systems which were originally created for military application. The move over to the civilian market means that security technologies which were once thought to be unobtainable are now freely available to any business or home in the UK.

Sensoguard products are based on seismic-detection technologies. The same tech that is used to measure earthquakes. Every item in the SensoGuard range is impervious to weather conditions, with installations around the globe in everything from national borders, correctional facilities and archaeological sites to agricultural applications and private homes.

The security solutions Sensoguard provides are easy to install and setup, with cost-effectiveness in mind. The Sensoguard range can cover wide expansive areas without being visually obtrusive and pinpoint the location of any intrusion. This means secondary systems such as CCTV, lighting sirens or alarms can target any threat the moment it is detected and action can be taken.

How Can You Get Hold Of SensoGuard Products?

You may wish to learn more about installing Sensoguard products on your property and Safe Security Solutions would be delighted to help with that.

You can get in touch with our team here.

If you’re a security provider who is looking to expand on the range of products they stock then you can learn more about becoming a Sensoguard-approved installer here. We’ll help with the process every step of the way to ensure that your clients are properly protected and secure.