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Safe Security Solutions is the ONLY approved UK provider to


SensoGuard UK Stockist

Safe Security Solutions is proud to be the exclusive provider of SensoGuard products for the UK.

We are the sole distributor to all SensoGuard products and their incredible, invisible buried detection systems in the United Kingdom. We supply SensoGuard kits, can arrange installation and help train security staff with the powerful SG Patrol SensoGuard software. 

If you wish to work with us and become an approved SensoGuard installer then get in touch via our Trade Account Signup Page.

For an overview of the SensoGuard buried detection systems we supply, please scroll down and discover complete security protection that cannot be bypassed, broken or abused and reduces false alarms to nearly zero. 



Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the sensors will work in harsh environments and still function at 100%. From snow to rain and storms, even searing summer heat.

Providing full-year-round protection, unlike other buried technologies which rely on weak fiber optic or coax cables.


As the entire unit is buried underground, it cannot be seen or tampered with.

Intruders will not know the unit is beneath them as the processing units and sensors will be fully submerged and invisible, sending a silent signal back to your central control hub to notify of intrusion.


Unlike most existing forms of security, the seismic sensors cannot be climbed over, dug under or tampered with. Any attempts will result in triggering the unit and alerting your security. 

This provides 100% reliable, undetectable security without ruining the aesthetic of its surroundings. 

SensoGuard Systems Available In The UK

No other UK-based company can offer you direct sales of SensoGuard products. 

Providing invisible, reliable, covert security for open locations, which will stand up to harsh weather conditions, eliminate false alarms almost entirely and integrate seamlessly with your existing security. The SensoGuard range will work with measures you already have in place or provide a backbone for any security system you put in place. 

Safe Security Solutions has exclusive UK rights to the entire SensoGuard range, including:

SensoGuard Standalone Buried Intrusion Detectors

Based on the seismic technology used to measure earthquakes, the SG1, SG3 and SG6 (With 1, 3 or 6 sensors) recognise genuine threats within the vicinity. 

Developed to strict military standards, these standalone detectors can be seamlessly integrated with your existing security or used to expand upon the area you currently monitor using other products in the SensoGuard range.

SensoGuard Portable Security Kits

The SensoGuard tactical security kits are designed to provide covert, 360-degree detection in specific locations. They can be easily installed, set up and moved to new areas of operation as required. 

Developed for the military, these portable kits contain everything you need to monitor a specific intrusion zone, including detectors, control boxes, cameras and the Moss kit even includes a PDA for live feeds and a shovel for tactical shovel for installation.

SensoGuard Perimeter Security Systems

The SensoGuard Invisifence detection system protects your boundaries without ruining your aesthetic. 

Ideally suited to homes and residential properties, this system is easy to install and reliable. Its ability to differentiate between threats means less false alarms. 

It can be easily integrated with existing security measures like CCTV, alarm systems, flashing beacons, security lights and sirens. 

Sensoguard SG MiniVib Sensor

SensoGuard IoT Miniature Vibration Sensors

The SensoGuard I0T Miniature Vibration Sensors can be mounted on virtually any surface or object to detect vibrations from movement, impact or tampering.

The device is maintenance-free, powered by its own internal battery and can be fully integrated with your existing security. 

These miniature vibration sensors offer an easy-to-deploy solution to monitor and area and pinpoint threats. 

A SensoGuard Moss Tac PIR kit in a carry case from the front

SensoGuard MOSS Indoor PIR Kit

The SensoGuard Moss PIR kits are ideally suited for semi-covert, indoor use.

The sensors are fully self-contained, with built-in rechargeable batteries and PIR sensors designed to instantly pick up movement and relay an alert. 

Easy to install, these re-usable units can be combined with existing security that will already be in place or offer standalone security when used as part of the kit. 

SensoGuard Software

The SensoGuard software provides a platform to feed all of your detection data back to. 

It works seamlessly with live camera feeds and alerts to intrusions picked up by the sensors in real-time, allowing you to address threats as they are happening. 

Available on Windows PC and Android (direct from the Google Play store), we are happy to provide technical support for new installations and with the setting up of the SensoGuard site design tool. 

A SensoGuard Pipeline Protection Plus sensor sown beside an aerial view of a pipeline with the visual lines of the detection area being emitted.

SensoGuard Pipeline Protection Plus (SG-PPS)

The SensoGuard SG-PPS system is designed to monitor and diagnose threats to pipelines and create real-time alerts which pinpoint the location of detection. 

This easy-to-install security measure requires zero maintenance and can be scaled to any length of pipeline. 

Each sensor can be individually adjusted to offset ground conditions and minimise false alarms. 

For more information regarding any of the SensoGuard products in the UK range, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the only company in the UK who provides SensoGuard products?

Yes. We are partnered with SensoGuard and have exclusive UK rights to supply and approve the installation of their products.

Can I install these products myself?

The SensoGuard range of perimeter detection systems are easy to install and set up. We can help arrange installation for you or provide information so you can install and set the systems up yourself if you’re an approved installer. The portable kits can be installed by almost anyone without approval, provided the land or property owner has granted permission. 

Who can use these systems?

SensoGuard security systems are suited to anyone who requires invisible, reliable security that cannot be tampered with. Typically these range from businesses, corporate clients and authorities to entrepreneurs and persons of high net worth. 

Are SensoGuard systems weatherproof?

Each system is completely weatherproof and able to withstand the changeable conditions within the UK. More importantly, they will not create false alarms that lesser systems (Like PIR and laser sensors) will typically trigger for, meaning you’re only notified for genuine threats.

I need to cover a wide, open area, is this possible?

Absolutely. These systems are ideally suited to areas such as grassland, paving slab or even concrete and tarmac. So long as you have access to dig and install, you can cover many miles (potentially) or a wide perimeter with the SensoGuard technology.

I need temporary, moveable security systems.

Threats can change. SensoGuard offers a range of buried kits and portable sensors that can be used in almost any environment, indoors or outdoors. Take a look at the SG MOSS Tactical Kits, SG MOSS Indoor kits and SG Tac Indoor PIR Sensors.

Can I install them in a remote area with out power?

The SensoGuard range is designed specifically for remote areas. Many sensors are completely self-powered with rechargeable batteries that can last up to ten months. The other systems are low-power drawing so they can use sustainable means of energy such as solar or wind power.

Are these systems ok for the environment?

We’re proud to say that the SensoGuard range of products is ecologically one of the most friendly and sustainable security systems available. They require less effort and tools to install, low levels of power to run and fewer units and cabling to cover a much wider area. We boast a range of eco-friendly security systems to suit almost any requirement. 

Does this system require permissions from local authorities?

No special permissions are required. Because these systems are buried, seismic detectors, you will not need to seek planning permission, so long as you are able to dig up to 2 feet to install them. 

Sounds permanent. Can I install a temporary system?

We stock SensoGuard portable tactical kits which can be easily installed to solve short term issues like trespassing and these can be relocated as required. The kits include everything you need: Sensors, control boxes and covert cameras to provide a live feed. 

How can I monitor intrusions?

We supply not only the hardware but also the SensoGuard software which is compatible with Window PC and Android devices. You can set up site coverage with the site design tool and monitor threats in real-time.

Can I supply SensoGuard products myself?

Yes. You can apply to be a SensoGuard approved installer on our Trade Account Signup page. Once approved, you’ll be able to include SensoGuard’s security solutions as part of your product range.

View The SensoGuard System In Action:

For Enquiries & Questions About The Sensoguard UK Product Range, Please Get in Touch.

Safe Security Solutions is the only approved SensoGuard provider in the UK. 

To find out more, become an approved installer or to get a quote, please use the form below.