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An El-Far Elec Sens Wooden Fence detection system mounted on a wooden fence.

Security Systems For Wooden Fencing

A wooden fence that acts like a perimeter intrusion detection system?

Which triggers alarms and lighting, and directs security cameras and live feeds.

Gives instant notifications to your phone or computer and takes immediate action to stop crimes from escalating.

This sounds too good to be true. 

Most homes and many businesses rely on wooden fencing to keep intruders out. Whilst it is aesthetically pleasing and certainly robust enough to keep all but the most determined threats at bay, problems can arise when it comes to trying to enhance your security level.

Very few security systems can be used in conjunction with wooden fences but this article will let you know a little more about one such system which will instantly turn your wooden fence into a fully-protected perimeter security system. 

El-Far: The Creators Of World Class Detection Systems.

The El-Far Logo

You may not have heard of El-Far.

Based in Israel, they have developed and manufactured advanced security systems which can be fully linked with existing security measures that may already be in place, adding an outer layer of security around your perimeter. 

They have been in business for over 20 years, supplying over 34 countries across the globe with cutting-edge technologies which stop crimes.

Moreover, their systems are mounted on borders and in military zones to safely and humanely detect any effort to scale walls, fences or surfaces, immediately notifying the authorities and pinpointing the location of the attempted intrusion to within a few metres. 

If you have not heard of El-Far then you will, at some point, become aware of them when your security measures fail. 

Their reputation and reliability mean that almost any scalable or impactable physical barrier can become a fully-monitored, secure area, thanks to their remarkable tech. 

These systems are a little-known jewel in the crown of security and they are available to any home or business owner in the UK.

ELEC-SENS by El-Far: Instant, Flexible, Perimeter Detection.

An El-Far Elec Sens Wooden Fence detection system mounted on a wooden fence.

Amongst El-Fars’ defence systems is ELEC-SENS

A discreet-looking but robust security system that can be deployed on almost any surface to pick up vibrations.

Built-in smart technologies assess and identify a genuine threat from natural occurrences like wildlife movement, winds or extreme weather. 

Easy to install and configure to work with almost any security system that you may already have in place or choose to install, it detects threats the moment then attempt intrusion and takes immediate action. 

It can be easily connected to security camera systems, motion-activated lighting, siren, alarms or virtually any other form of protection you can think of. 

With the ability to trigger real-time live feeds of the threat, alerting homeowners or security staff who can take immediate action, directly to the area that created the alert. 

Any attempts to tamper with this system will result in action. It cannot be bypassed, powered down or cut without triggering a response.

In short, the ELEC-SENS system by El-Far is one of, if not the most complete answers to perimeter security available with 360° detection, low-power requirements, immunity to adverse weather and fully IP-rated dust and water protection.

Zero False Alarms

A common problem with many security systems is their inclination to trigger for events that are not a direct threat. It’s a common occurrence to hear alarms going off or see security lights turning on multiple times due to detecting movement that was not relevant. 

ELEC-SENS is a configure-and-forget system, which provides around-the-clock protection. It can differentiate between the typical issues that might cause a false alarm and genuine threats. 

Each Sensor can be individually adapted to allow for non-threatening actions, so when an alarm is triggered, you know a genuine threat has arisen. This can often be the difference between stopping a criminal act, deterring a would-be criminal or allowing you the time to take action and evade an intrusion, which can often be life-threatening. 

Zero false alarms should be the industry target; the industry standard. 

But sadly, almost all security systems fall desperately short of the mark. 

ELEC-SENS: Security Systems For Wooden Fencing.

An El-Far Elec Sens Wooden Fence detection system mounted on a wooden fence.

So if your property is surrounded and protected by wooden fencing, there really is only one security system that will work for you. 

There are many detection systems for metal fencing and surfaces but very, very few have any level of reliability on wood. Thankfully, ELEC-SENS by EL Far is one. 

If you have security concerns and would like a completely free consultation, then please get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions Team

We can assess your existing security, walk your perimeter and identify the areas that need more advanced protection. 

This includes security systems for wooden fencing.

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