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Providing Security Measures For Architects, Developers and Designers.

Security systems should not be an afterthought.

We work with architects, designers and developers to ensure that the most effective security system is in place to protect the perimeter and stop threats before crossing the boundary. 

When standard security systems are not enough, we will help design and install something more complete, robust and effective. 

Safe Security Solutions

Designing complete security

For complete protection

Building with protection in mind.

People usually take protection seriously after it has been breached.

There may be numerous reasons that homes or buildings are created with sub-standard security measures in place; it could be based on budgets, aesthetics, and poor understanding of the risk and threat levels.

It may simply be the case that no provision was in place to plan for a security system that went beyond a basic alarm or CCTV system.

Developing a security system at the design stage is the most cost-effective and least disruptive time. You’ll already have the plans readily available and site surveys can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Safe Security Solutions will provide expert insight and understanding of advanced security whilst we work with your architect or designer to create a completely custom security system. 

We’ll eliminate false alarms and ensure complete protection is in place without affecting the aesthetics of your home or building. 

A large fence with spikes separating a garden

Understanding  Security Threats:

Architects, Designers and Developers have to consider a number of security threats when performing their roles.

In simple terms, these will often be security threats during the development process and the long-term security measures which need to be in place once development is completed.

Threats During Development

    • Trespassing & building intrusion
    • Vehicle, tool & equipment theft
    • Property and equipment damage
    • People accessing restricted or hazardous areas
    • Causes of disruption to power, services & work rate
    • Intended damage or arson

Threats To Property Owners 

    • Physical threats to property owners
    • Break-ins & thefts
    • Violent & organised criminal activity
    • Intentional acts of destruction
    • Trespassing & unwanted access
    • General nuisance 
    • Opportunistic crime

The scope and value of the development will dictate how much of a target it will be.

Everything should be considered from the area in which the development is taking place, the local history of criminal activity, the contents of the property and the notoriety of the persons that will be within it. 

The Two-Tiered Approach To Development Security:

As mentioned above, security needs will transition as the development progresses. This will move from a temporary need for protection to installing a security system that will prove reliable over a long period of time.

Essentially we are looking at:

1: Security During Development
2: Long-term security when development is complete

We should break these down and talk a little about both:

Security During Development:

This type of security will focus on restricting access and taking action before threats can escalate. 

The types of threat, generally, will be anything that halts the development process, causes unnecessary expense, or results in the loss or damage of tools, vehicles and items that are required for the project. 

These will be more focused on removing the nuisance crimes that halt productivity and protecting the people who will be attending the site. 

Simple security such as site hoarding, lighting, motion-activated and CCTV may be some considerations but it may also be possible to build in some of the long term security measures at this stage which will remain in place once the development is complete.

Long-Term Security For Property Owners:

This is an area we specialise in. 

We provide advanced security systems which detect threats and take action the moment a threat attempts to cross the boundary or access a restricted area.

We’ve worked extensively with architects and developers to understand and explain the areas which will be open to intrusion.

Different security measures can be put in place and tied together with ISS (Integrated Security System) software to form a complete barrier of protection which eliminates false alarms, creates immediate alerts and triggers security systems to respond.

These are eco-friendly security systems which draw low power and can be connected to sustainable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. With battery backup, they will never go down or fail and can even work in remote locations.

We have extensive experience in working with everyone from corporate security premises to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals who may face an increased risk of targeted crime.

In each case, we study the plans, look at existing security in place and assess the risks before making recommendations for the security system which needs to be in place. 

Safesitecam Smart AI Security Camera mounted on a wall in front of a landscape and clouds

We Stop Crimes Before They Happen

Most security companies offer a simple “out of the box” security system which will do very little to protect your property. 

These systems will often be recommended by a local supplier or electrician who has the know-how to install it but has little to no understanding of the nature of security or advanced threats. 

Safe Security Solutions is proudly partnered with some of the most advanced security systems in the world, to which we have exclusive UK access.

Our wealth of experience in the security sector means we can work with you at any stage during development to provide complete perimeter security which takes action the moment a genuine threat is detected. 

Our systems will differentiate between false activations and genuine breaches in security and provide immediate intervention to stop them from escalating.

Sensoguard MOSS Portable security kit. Including underground sensors, shovel, PDA, control box and bakcpack.

Advanced Security Systems We Can Provide:

Once you’ve spoken to us and we’ve taken a look at the plans for the development, surveyed the site and studied satellite imagery, we can look to put a pre-detection, zero-maintenance security system in place

We reduce false alarms to near-zero and tailor each solution to your budget, and requirements, with room to expand the system at a later date or integrate effectively with any existing security that may already be in place.

Examples of these pre-detection systems we provide:

Buried Seismic Detection:

We have exclusive UK access to buried seismic detection systems from SesoGuard. 

Based on the seismic sensors used to measure earthquakes, these systems can be buried in shallow ground to create an invisible barrier which cannot be detected or tampered with. They can even differentiate between vehicles, humans or wildlife so threats can be effectively assessed before taking action or creating unnecessary alerts. 

You can fully integrate them with existing security systems and are ideally suited to open areas which may not have physical barriers such as fencing in place. If local authorities prevent the erection of barriers or an area needs to remain open, the SensoGuard buried systems may represent the most effective solution. 

Fence-Mounted Vibration Sensors:

El-Far is one of the world’s leading developers of fence and building-mounted vibrations sensors. We have exclusive UK rights to their systems. 

These systems can be mounted to most metallic surfaces but work best on mesh fences or railings.

They detect and pinpoint attempted scaling, cutting, impact or damage to the surface they are mounted to and require low amounts of power and zero maintenance over extensive spans. 

These fence-mounted systems can be integrated with almost any other form of security to provide a complete barrier around a given area.

Magos Radar Systems:

Everyone will be familiar with radar systems that can be used by the military for detection purposes. 

Most people are unaware that this same technology is available for civilian and business use. 

Teaming we Magos, we are able to provide radar systems which boast a small form factor and incredible effective range. These bypass concerns about weather conditions, terrain and blind spots like trees or buildings which may otherwise prevent systems like CCTV from working at their best. 

Temporary Security Systems:

Threats can change over time or points of access may vary as development progresses. 

We offer some very robust temporary solutions to cover these situations. Whether it be site fencing, temporary tactical buried detection kits or covert cameras. 

We’ll work with you at every step to ensure you are protected.

Using our industry-leading integrated security system software (ISS) we can tie all elements of your security together. We’ll pinpoint the threat and use the following systems to take immediate action:

  • Sirens, alarms & recorded messages.
  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Ultra-long range, 360° HD camera systems
  • Alerts to security personal
  • Tailored alerts to your phone or PC

In most cases, making a threat aware that you know they are there will be enough to stop it from escalating.

More serious, determined threats will require greater security measures in place to deal with them and we’re happy to discuss the various options which will work best for your project. 

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Whatever stage your development is at, we can help.

From the initial planning to completion, we will work with your architect, developer or designer to ensure complete, robust protection is in place. 

Safety should not be a compromise. So if you want security that will not fail, please get in touch with the Safe Security Solutions team.

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