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An adorable dog running in a garden with a ball in it's mouth.

Security Measures For Animal Owners

Animal thefts are, sadly, very much on the rise. 

Anyone who watches the news, reads the daily papers or uses social media will have seen multiple stories about animal owners who have lost their beloved pets to theft. This seems to be a recurring theme, especially in 2020, which was already a difficult year for most people and as animal lovers, we find this absolutely heartbreaking.

This is not limited to families with pets, we’ve had a number of breeders get in touch after being targeted on multiple occasions, in spite of having security measures in place which have failed. We can help but it saddens us that we should have to. The rise in pet and animal theft shows just how low criminals will go to make money and we aim to stop them in their tracks with our security measures for animal owners: Before the theft has taken place. 

Information For Dog Owners:

As mentioned above, this worrying trend is not focused solely on pet owners, with organisations and charities being targeted also. 

In England and Wales, only 22% of all animals stolen were reunited with their owners but with an average of 6 dogs being reported as stolen (though we suspect this figure may be much higher) every day, precautions must be taken, with 52% of dogs being snatched from people’s gardens, the one place you would believe to be safe. But Police force data provided under the freedom of information law shows that between January and July 2020, 645 dog thefts resulted in only 2 charges. 

You can find more useful information in this article about keeping your dog safe and we’ll have some recommendations towards the end of this blog.

Cat Thefts:

Though it’s more difficult to get the statistics for cat thefts in the UK as Google results will more likely report the catalytic converters being stolen from vehicles, we would say that the number will be around the same as dog thefts if social media posts are anything to go by. 

You will have undoubtedly seen many posts on social media with cats going missing and we have first-hand experience with catteries and cat stud farms (who already have security in place) getting in touch after being repeatedly targeted. 

Cats are notoriously non-compliant with strangers but they can also wander a lot further than other animals and more exotic breeds can be extremely expensive to buy, making them ideal targets for heartless criminals. 

Measures can be taken to keep your beloved moggies secure but if someone is determined enough and prepared, these can be easily bypassed. Again, we aim to stop this. 

Livestock Breeders & Farming.

As mentioned in a previous article, the average cost of a lamb in the UK is £100, with the world’s most expensive sheep being sold in Scotland for £365,000… And that’s just sheep. Cattle, deer and even canines and cats are amongst the many animals that reputable breeders in the UK rely on for their income. 

Most *animal breeders will already have security measures in place but if those are proving ineffective then they will need to be reviewed. Breeders will always be a target for organised criminals and gangs due to the value of the animals they breed. Extra security measures should always be in place to protect the animals in your care and your business.

Basic Security For Your Animals: 

Simple steps can be taken to offer basic protection of your pets and animals such as:

  • Keeping them in enclosed spaces such as your garden
  • Providing a basic perimeter system such as fencing which the animal(s) cannot fit through
  • Being extra cautious when taking animals for walks
  • Keeping dogs on leads in open spaces
  • Not allowing animals to be visible to the public from the roadside
  • Keeping doors and windows locked and gates around your property closed
  • NEVER leave your dog alone in the car
  • Be cautious about leaving dogs unattended outside of shops or stores
  • Ensure your animals are microchipped
  • Do not leave pets outdoors when you are not at home
  • Be cautious about signs indicating you have pets such as “Beware of the dog” – This can make you a target
  • Be wary of anyone acting suspiciously around your pets

Advanced Security For Pet & Animal Owners:

SafeSiteCam AI Camera System pciture taken up close with a blue sky in the background

Basic steps are usually suitable for pet owners and will already be adhered to by people who rely on animals for business but the increase in thefts will also result in a need to increase security measures:

  • Display signs that indicate you have advanced security in place
  • Keep access and entry points secured with locks
  • CCTV will simply gather evidence; ensure you have a CCTV system with real-time notifications
  • Look at intruder detection systems with instant alerts around your perimeter/boundary
  • Open areas may not have an enclosure but they can still be monitored by buried intrusion detection systems
  • Lighting and sirens would be triggered when an alert is detected to deter opportunistic criminals
  • Where fencing is in place, you can install intrusion detection systems

Be careful when selecting a security system that is safe for animals and from a reputable provider/installer. Often a local tradesman will provide a simple, “off the shelf” CCTV system which will not provide the protection you require. Feel free to get in touch with Safe Security Solutions and we’ll be happy to help.

*A Note From The Safe Security Solutions Team: Stopping Animal Cruelty

We will make a caveat that we are referring to official breeders, stud farms and livestock owners when we talk about animal thefts. We cannot ethically or morally work with breeding farms who do not put the health and welfare of their animals first. As animal owners ourselves, we want to see your pets and livestock protected and living the best life they possibly can.

Please, please be careful when you purchase an animal (be it a family pet or livestock) that you source it from a reputable place with appropriate certification. Buying from alternative sources will likely be perpetuating the sort of crime that leaves families and children heartbroken. 

We will not provide services for any business that does not comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and we will happily report you if we suspect you of cruelty.