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We work with security installation companies across the UK to provide exclusive access to military-grade security measures from Sensoguard and El-Far.

“We are not competition, we are an addition.”

Safe Security Solutions does not seek to take your clients from you. We’re here to provide the high-end, custom security measures that few companies in the UK have access to.

Eliminate false alarms and alert the business and property owners to intrusions as they happen, not simply gathering evidence after a threat has already occurred.


Sensoguard Products

El-Far Technology

Security Staff

An Ideal Partnership

Working With You

Safe Security Solutions is not a competitor, we offer you and your clients the security technology you didn’t know existed.

Buried Intrusion Detection

As the exclusive Sensoguard UK provider, we can offer covert, buried detection systems

Security Software Integration

Bring your existing systems together to work seamlessly with our security software

Fence-Mounted Detection

Exclusive UK access to El-Far security products for existing perimeter protection

Reliable Security Without False Alarms

Weatherproof, waterproof and tamper-proof, our systems will not fail

Become a Sensoguard Approved Installer

We hold exclusive UK rights to the Sensoguard product range. If you wish to provide and install the buried intrusion detection systems from Sensoguard then you can submit your application here.

Exclusive Access to Military-Grade Security

Most security companies offer similar, standard systems which flood the market and create few opportunities to cater for clients who demand more.

Each security problem requires a custom solution and when existing security measures are not working, Safe Security Solutions can step in and help.

We have exclusive rights to the UK supply of Sensoguard and El-Far products. These cover underground seismic detectors, perimeter fence-mounted security, covert intrusion detection technology and control room software designed to bring your security solutions together. 

When reliability, safety and security cannot be compromised, Safe Security Solutions holds the answer.

Our systems are used around the globe, across a wide range of security settings, from military and industrial applications to expansive estates, businesses and ultra-high net worth individuals.

Offer something different and win the clients you did not think possible with our next-level security products.

Security Solutions We Provide

  • Exclusive UK access to Sensoguard & El-Far security products
  • Underground/buried sensor systems using seismic detection technology
  • Perimeter-mounted fence detection systems from El-Far
  • Covert security systems
  • Minimal false alarms
  • Weatherproof, waterproof security for outdoors
  • Solutions for large, open areas & expansive perimeters
  • Control room software to monitor various security systems in one place
  • Auto-response security systems
  • Atex-level protection systems
  • Planning & support for installations
  • Security staffing

We Do Not Provide

  • Basic CCTV
  • Home alarm systems
  • PIR sensors
  • Security lighting
  • Burglar alarms
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Pop-up barrier security
  • Video doorbells
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Smart alarm systems
  • Data encryption services
  • Locks
  • Personal security
  • Competition to your existing services

Benefits Of Working With Safe Security Solutions

Become A Partner

We work with security companies within the UK to provide additional systems and we’re not afraid to recommend you for systems we do not provide.

Work As A Team

We can provide everything you need from our product range, including training to install and integrate your existing systems with our own.

Reduce False Alarms

Our systems are substantially more reliable than standard security systems. We can help your clients to reduce threats to near zero.

Supporting Your Team

It is important that we understand the needs of your clients and your business. We’re here to work with you and oversee that our systems work beyond simply supplying. We’re here to help.

Exceeding Expectations

Our security systems are some of the most reliable on the market. Provide your clients with technology that meets and exceeds their demands where other security measures may have failed.

Referral Loyalty

We believe in and value longterm working relationships. We’ll always refer enquiries to our partners and customers. If we can pass work over to you, we’ll be delighted to do so.

In The UK? – Get In Touch.

Safe Security Solutions welcomes security installers across the UK. If you have questions about providing our products to your clients then please feel free to contact us.

Safe Security Solutions

UK Provider of Sensoguard & El-Far Security Technologies

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01754 879655