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Security for Construction with Safe Security Solutions

Did you know it is estimated that £800 million a year is lost due to the theft of construction equipment? These costs are taking into account the cost of replacement, any hiring of replacement equipment, loss of business and increases in insurance premiums.

Research by insurer Allianz Cornhill has also reported an increase in equipment thefts following more sophisticated methods being used. In some cases, the thieves are posing as manufacturers and taking the vehicles from the site with the manager’s approval.

So what if there was a way to avoid the theft of valuable equipment from your building site? Or even just catch those who are committing these crimes?

At Safe Security, we understand the building and construction sector has very particular security requirement and so we’re able to offer our unique security for building sites. By investing in the right security defences, we believe that you will see a drastic decrease in the likelihood of theft and vandalism on your site, and save yourself the added stress of replacing the equipment should it happen.

Construction Security Checklist

Perimeter Fence Security – While it may seem obvious, many construction sites fail to take the most basic precaution against protecting their sites – using perimeter fences and locks. Relatively inexpensive and a clear deterrence, fences are able to completely surround a construction site. While they’re not impenetrable, they offer an initial obstacle for a thief or vandal, which it didn’t before.

Security Boards – While, most intruders who are on your property aren’t there by accident, they may not be aware of the consequences of what should happen if they are caught. Signs, notices and security boards like our free security site warning boards give intruders of what punishment they might face should they decide to break in, acting as a further deterrence for criminals.

Alarm Systems – They are few things that stop an attempted robbery better than an alarm system with all the bells and whistles. Whether it’s audible sirens, flashing lights or both, they are bound to catch the attention of the intruder and send them on their way. However, if you wanted you didn’t want to give them the chance to flee, you could use a motion sensor alarm which when triggered contacts the authorities.

Security Guards – As a site manager, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to leave the security of your property in the hands of automated systems. This is where our SIA qualified Security Guards come in! Providing a human presence to your site, our security guards add a layer of protection unlike any other.

If you’re looking to protect your construction site, get in touch with our team on 020 8555 6800.

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