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An exhibition trailer being converted for use by a security company

Security Demo Trailer: Coming Soon

Some exciting news… Work has started this week on the conversion of a mobile security demo trailer which we’ll be using to visit clients (or they can visit us) and showcase some of the exclusive technologies we provide. 

At Safe Security Solutions, we design and stock security systems which are very different from the standard measures available in the UK. When we talk to clients it’s important they can see and understand those systems and how they work, so we are in the process of creating the security demo trailer which should be available by late Spring/early Summer 2021. 

This mobile demo unit will house many of the security systems we provide and give us the ability to present them, fully working, in an environment that showcases why they are more effective than standard security measures. We’ll even explain how we can integrate with your existing systems to provide a much more effective perimeter defence to you property, farm, estate or business.

What Will Be On Board The Security Demo Unit?

We aim to have live and working versions of our systems housed within the trailer and systems we can set up externally to show you exactly how they operate and why they are more effective.

These will include:

We aim to provide an experience that no other security company can; allowing you to see, operate and interact with high-end detection systems before you buy them. We want you to understand the pros and cons that come with every security measure and ensure you have effective security technology in place to protect you. 

Live Security Demonstrations You Can Interact With

Typically, when you inquire with a security company (or worse still, a local electrician!), you’ll be immediately put in touch with a salesman; Often a person with no real experience when it comes to installing a security system or identifying and understanding your security issues.

This will usually result in the recommendation and installation of a system that will be highly ineffective. It may look unsightly, capture evidence that can not be submitted, do little to stop actual threats and (from experience) be unreliable to the point where it’s upkeep and maintenance outweighs its effectiveness. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of CCTV systems supplied and installed in the UK are in kit form and straight out of a box. This causes an immediate problem as all properties and locations will require a range of different cameras to cover an area effectively; One camera can never cover all areas or requirements. Sadly, the majority of installers are not from a true security background and tend to install the wrong systems because it’s convenient for them. This is not necessarily the best option for the clients security problem.

Sound familiar?

Safe Security Solutions is a company that prides itself on providing security with a difference. We are the security provider you turn to when your current security is letting you down. What better way of showcasing how effective our systems are than having a mobile demonstration centre that allows you to do more than simply imagine what the setup will look like and where it will go?

We’ll demo each of our systems, show their benefits in certain situations, their durability to the elements and harsh environments and how they will be implemented with your current security. But, most importantly, we’ll guide you on how to use them.

We’re not salesmen. We are the company you turn to for a custom operational system when your current security is leaving more questions than the answers it provides…

Questions we’re looking to answer:

We have some standard questions come up every time we visit a client who already has security measures that do not provide protection. With our security demo trailer, we can show you, live and in real time, answers to some of the following:

  • Why is my CCTV not working to the level I expected when it was first installed?
  • Why do infrared cameras gather no useful evidence?
  • What security can I install around listed buildings?
  • How many cameras do I need to cover the area?
  • How can I have security without ruining the aesthetics?
  • How can I install a security system within a large, open area?
  • How do I stop intruders getting over or through existing perimeter fences?
  • How do invisible security systems provide greater levels of protection?
  • Why have I never heard of buried intrusion detection?
  • How can I stop my CCTV from activating constantly in bad weather?
  • Which systems can be used if the local authority has put limitations in place?
  • Do I need to install expensive fencing? Are there other, more cost-effective options?

When & Where Will This Service Be Available?

Work is currently underway to fully convert our mobile demo unit into a fully interactive security experience. All being well, we’re confident that it should be ready for late Spring to early Summer of 2021. 

Initially, we’ll be looking to demo in Lincolnshire and we’ll be open to visiting surrounding counties as we move forward. Our long term aim is to cover the whole of the UK (excluding Ireland) though we’ll need to arrange this with the person in charge of your security on a case-by-case basis. 

We are happy of course, if you wish to visit us at our location in Lincolnshire. 

We’ll follow all protocols relating to social distancing that may be in place at that time with masks and cleaning stations provided as per whatever the current guidelines may be.

Who Will This Suit? 

For a breakdown of some of the sectors we work with you can visit our sectors page. 

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, we work with private individuals, businesses, energy suppliers, local authorities, estates, farms, airports and manufacturing plants who need a more advanced security and detection system which normal security companies cannot offer or supply.

If your particular sector is not included, please feel free to get in touch, ask questions and see if we can arrange a booking. 

How Can I Book? 

Booking is easy… Simply call or get in touch on our contact page and we’ll find a time and a place that works for you or use the form below.

Your security solution should put you at ease and what better way to do that than see how the system will work before it’s even been installed?