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Security And The Holiday Period

The 2014 holiday season saw an uptake in manned guarding and mobile patrol in the UK. The corporate sector including commercial building sites and offices take different approaches to planning for this, some prepare months in advance some do ‘last minute shopping.’ In general this has come about due to a greater realisation from businesses about the risks of empty building sites and offices over the Christmas and New Year period.

Safe Security Solutions said ‘Our industry has started to call this the period of ‘festive fear’, our established as well as our new clients recognise the importance of keeping a tight ship throughout this time. Damage, theft and loss has traditionally made January a difficult month, some clients would spend the restart period having to deal with problems which arose over the holiday season instead of working effectively towards their project deadlines. Our guards and mobile patrols in conjunction with CCTV give an all round security solution and our client’s peace of mind.’

The Safe Security Solutions Team took on many more hours of extra security work in the residential sector as well.

Mike added ‘With an improving economy homeowners are again taking longer Christmas breaks, be it to sundrenched beaches, skiing in the alps or holidaying in the UK. Our residential division has seen an increase in the number of enquires and has taken on more clients this year. Again this sector worked in a very similar way over the holiday period to the commercial sector, some clients booked with us months in advance others realized the need much closer to the time. We believe this sector has begun to recognise the need for security much better and are becoming much more sophisticated buyers of security products and services.

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