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Safe Security Solutions provides complete security for companies and individuals.

Security Sectors We Work With

Whether you are a home-owner, a high net worth individual looking to protect you family and assets, a business looking to secure its premises or an organisation with perimeter security issues, our range of advanced detection systems can be integrated to provide a bespoke solution for you.

Conventional security systems only operate/activate once damage or entry has occurred to a building. This is the ‘normal out of the box security system’ on the market, this is what our competition offers. 

Our ethos and detection systems are designed to detect a potential intruder ‘before’ they can reach your property, this is regardless if you have a normal-sized garden, an industrial unit or if you live in the countryside with hundreds of acres.  Early detection is key, we want the individual to know that they have been detected before they can reach your building (or their intended location/target).  Our systems can automatically switch on and operate any number of security measures to create a warning eg: security floodlights, sirens, flashing strobe lights, CCTV systems, automated voice messages or notify an Alarm Receiving centre.

We can seamlessly integrate with virtually any existing security that is already in place or create unique and complete security solutions to suit your exact needs and budget

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