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Safe Security Solutions Talks: Our Remote Monitoring Services in Essex

Security solutions in Essex

When it comes to protecting your business, home or land you’re going to want the most successful, cost-effective security strategy, Essex. Fortunately, Safe Security Solutions are experienced in providing specialist security solutions in Essex. Today, we’re here to discuss our CCTV remote monitoring and how it can help you.

What are remote monitoring services, Essex?

You may have heard of RMS before, but are you clued up on what it is exactly? Essentially, remote monitoring systems do pretty much what they say on the tin. It’s a cost-effective specialist security solution in Essex that protects your property or business from both criminal and environmental damage.

It’s very similar to a normal CCTV system however, instead of monitoring it yourself, the system is connected to a remote monitoring station via the internet. If you do not wish for the CCTV to be monitored at all times, you can choose as to whether you would like it to be 24/7 or only when your site is unattended.

How can we help you?

Our remote monitoring services, Essex can monitor your premises by using automated motion detection cameras which can be linked to a perimeter intrusion detection system in order to ensure a 100% safe and secured monitored perimeter. By using high-speed broadband and wireless 4G connections, our cameras and sensors are able to detect any movement at your perimeter before someone reaches your property.

At Safe Security Solutions, we can supply a broad range of fixed, dome & pan and tilt & zoom cameras perfect for all types of clients and properties. Once installed, our cameras will send real-time CCTV images to our video receiving centre. A member of our qualified monitoring team can analyse whether the movement is a serious threat. If it is, immediate action will be taken to inform the intruder that they are being watched, recorded and that the emergency services have been informed. All data is recorded ready for police use if appropriate.

If you would like to find out more information about our remote monitoring services in Essex or any of our other specialist security solutions in London, get in touch today on 020 8555 6800.

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