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Safe Security Solutions – Our comprehensive security

When you are selecting a security company in order to keep your business premises protected you need to choose very carefully.

Should you make the wrong decision you could find that the fall out is huge and as any business owner knows, there is no room, let alone time, for regrets.

Security With a Difference

Here at Safe Security Solutions, we offer a comprehensive security system to ensure the safety of your business location. Below are some of the services we will implement should you choose us to protect your premises. 

Geo Fencing – A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a chosen geographic area. It can be generated by choosing a certain radius around a location point or alternatively you can pre-set a zone of your own specification. It is particularly useful for areas such as large construction sites as we are then able to monitor the security guard’s movements inside this perimeter and are notified if at any point they leave the area. This ensures that you’re getting the protection you have paid for and the information regarding this guards exact movements can be sent to a mobile phone and email account.

Geo Tag Images – To ease any potential concerns we are also able to offer a regular photo image service showing your assets or high-risk sites. We can guarantee that our on-site staff will photograph these areas for you whilst on patrol ensuring visual security you would struggle to get elsewhere.

Staff Patrol Snail Trail – Safe Security Solutions are proud to offer an innovative solution to alleviate the concerns some companies have from working with less than honest security firms in the past. Our reputation is everything and we want you to know you can trust us, which is why we provide an accurate display of the patrol that our team are running as per your requirements. We can track up to every 90 seconds of the patrol ensuring that your security patrol is carried out to your needs. This information is then sent over to you for your information.

As you can see we provide our security solutions to meet the best possible standards, keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of all our decisions. Our specialist services cover the construction industry, commercial property, businesses and residential premises. Whether you require a few hours of security a day or a complete 24-hour service, we can help. Contact us today for more information and to kick start your security solutions.

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