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Retail Security

According to the latest figures from The British Retail Consortium (BRC) the level of shoplifting, cyber-crime and fraud at it’s highest ever and cost the UK retail industry £603m last year, with the average cost of theft at £241 per incident. It is alarming is that in addition to gang activity, shoplifting and internal fraud are rife; meaning that owners and managers are facing attacks both internally and externally.

CCTV is amazing but many of our clients now also request the presence of a body in store. This can be either a visible deterrent or someone who blends in as a customer or employee, therefore in the perfect position to observe and report back to management.  Retail Knowledge estimates employee fraud or theft accounts for a third of losses. The issue here comes from the fact that usually business owners are not looking for internal crime; they are far too busy getting on with their jobs. The team here at Safe Security understand that you believe that you can spot inaccuracies as you go along, however as the figures show this is clearly not working.

For internal issues we believe that the interview and reference process is imperative to stopping many issues at source, of course it’s not fool proof but it goes some way to looking at internal issues. Moreover, engaging our services as security within part of the team is the perfect way to monitor stock and the floor. Credit card fraud is also up through shoulder surfing and theft; a store detective is trained to look for this.

Our team currently work with a number of shops across London and the Home Counties as a visible deterrent to their customers. As you can imagine; we have seen the above issues numerous times first hand, so rest assured that there are measures available to help prevent this and by working with you we can tackle these issues head on. It is wise to look at how your premises is laid out, is it inviting to thieves? Is it easy to grab and run with any of your belongings or stock? Are there blind spots? Our clients have reported a sharp drop in theft after addressing this issue by employing our expert services.

So why not have a think about an extra presence whose job it is to look after the business and your future? Get in touch with our specialist security services today for more information.

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