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The words shoplifting, property, retail, theft and arrest laid out in a collage.

Retail Security Guards

Retail Security guards

With crime increasing on a Day to Day basis, many private Retailers are resorting to hiring security guards to help reduce stock thefts. One such customer of Safe Security is Mr Khan who runs a number of High Street discount shops.  Mr Khan stated “We started to notice that certain areas of the shops seemed to attract regular people. They would walk to these areas and move up and down the aisles and then just walk out without paying for anything. Over several days we noticed that shelf stocks were going missing. The theft of these items is expensive and they do not create huge profit, so we decided we needed a security guard to walk around the shops”.

Security recommendation

“A friend recommended Safe Security Solutions to me, and they suggested a hard visual impact using a Security Guard to reduce the regular thefts. It worked immediately, theft is down and stock is still on the shelves to be sold. We are now planning to install Commercial CCTV cameras within the key areas of the shops very soon. If the shop is busy we can switch over to Safe Security’s Remote monitoring room during peak hours, the Monitoring cost is better than having to employ a person at each shop at the same time”

Mike Bullman, MD of Safe Security solutions, stated that “When we received the call from Mr Khan, we attended the same day to look at the problem.  We agreed that the problem needed to be addressed immediately, so we dispatched one of our Security Personnel on the same afternoon. He noticed that certain times of the day were busier than others and just walking around talking to customers, the levels of theft dropped immediately. Some local customers even mentioned how nice it was to have security around when they come in”

Safe Security Solutions Commercial CCTV systems and Remote Monitoring services can be used for all types of businesses. Call us on 020 8555 6800.

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