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Retail Security for Black Friday with Safe Security Solutions Essex

If you work in retail, the next few months will be a busy period for you and your employees. Whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas or the Boxing Day sales, the festive shopping season is often crazy with shoppers fighting over the last scarf, hour long queues and crowds of people making it hard to move.

People in their millions head out to the shops during this time of year so it’s important that you crackdown on your security ahead of this influx of customers – particularly over Black Friday!

The popular American sale event is creeping it’s way over to UK – with UK shoppers going mad for major discounts on big brands! These sales are not only an opportunist theives’ dream but, believe it or not, they can even be dangerous!

In 2014, a woman was hit by a falling television during Tesco’s ‘Black Friday’ sale and another three men were arrested for starting fights in the shops.

Whether you are looking to protect your warehouses with extra stock at this time of year or monitor the shop floor, here are some things to consider:

SIA Security Guards – Many retailers require a body in store, acting as either a visible deterrent or someone who blends in as a customer or employee. These security guards are in the perfect position to observe and report back to management on any frauds or thefts. By providing a human presence to your site, our security guards add a layer of protection unlike any other.

Free Security Site Warning boards – Adding to the visual deterrents aspect, Safe Security Specialist Security Solutions Essex are giving out free security site warning boards to be placed on the exterior of your store this Black Friday. Intruders may try and chance stealing anything before the big sale, however using signs, notices and security boards like ours give intruders and idea of the punishment they might face should they decide to break in and lets them know they are being watched.

Effective Alarm Systems – Unsurprisingly, there are few things that could stop an attempted robbery better than an alarm system with all the bells and whistles. On Black Friday, you may have shoppers try and walk off without paying for their items. Whether it’s audible sirens, flashing lights or both, our effective and bespoke alarm systems are bound to catch the attention of the thieves and help you catch them before they run off with the on-sale goods.

CCTV Remote Monitoring – When it comes to theft and in-store fraud, CCTV will act as a deterrent – and even evidence – in the event of an incident. This is vital during Black Friday where there are crowds of people in one space. Our CCTV security systems can now be integrated into networked IT systems and access control equipment, meaning your level of security is much higher and flexible.

To find out more information about Safe Security’s professional security services for retailers, get in touch with us on 020 8555 6800 or email [email protected].

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