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Residential Security Over Christmas

What is often a time for giving and receiving can also become the season of taking – with burglaries rife during the Christmas season.

As we all know; the weeks leading up to Christmas sees families rush out of their homes to stock up with the latest gadgets, computers, jewelry and must-have accessories, providing thieves with the perfect incentive.

As specialists in residential security Essex, Safe Security Solutions want to make sure Father Christmas is the only one sneaking into your house this Christmas.

Make your house less attractive to thieves if you’re out of the house – Are you visiting family on Christmas Eve? Make sure the house still looks occupied, even when you’re out! Using lights on timers and fake TVs upstairs can act as a good deterrent, but also installing alarms and CCTV cameras will prevent burglars from entering your property. At Safe Security, we have developed a high quality CCTV system Essex – designed with residential properties in mind. If you like to find out any more information about our CCTV packages, click here.

Protect valuable items – You would be surprised at the amount of people who leave gadgets and valuables in plain sight of thieves! Whether it’s left on the sofa near a front window or on the seat of your car, this acts as an advertisement to any potential thieves. Make sure to hide all your important items in a safe as well as securing every window or door of the home.

Check your alarm systems – As mentioned above, intruder alarm systems are a great deterrent, but they must be checked to make sure they are working – as well as resetting all the alarm codes. Unfortunately, with Christmas being such a busy time, people don’t get around to setting up and using their alarms. However, without a regularly serviced and fully-working alarm, your insurance may be void.

Time to change the locks – Did you know 70 percent of burglars’ point of entry was through the front door? If you cannot account for all your house keys or don’t even know how many have been cut, it’s time to change the locks. Often a quick and simple solution, you can just change the barrels of your locks and keep a key registration system to track how many keys have been cut to ensure your property is safe.

Preventing break-ins this Christmas is definitely a top priority – for all every industry but particularly, residential premises. As the property owner, tenant or landlord, you must make sure your home is protected by a fully-functioning security system complete with alarms, CCTV, and other bespoke security solutions.

If you’re a landlord or own a residential building in Essex, why not get in touch with Safe Security – Specialist Security Solutions Essex on 020 8555 6800! One of our friendly security experts will help to schedule your free onsite survey and quote, assessing your security requirements and developing a unique plan of action for your property.

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