SensoGuard Standalone Buried Intrusion Detectors

Providing weatherproof security, zero maintenance, easy installation and 100% reliable coverage, the SensoGuard Standalone Buried Intrusion Detectors stand up to the harshest of environments.

Imagine a security solution that could seamlessly integrate with your existing measures and provide complete detection without the threat knowing they had triggered an alert. This is the role of the buried intrusion detection systems. Developed to military standards on the same technology used to measure earthquakes, the seismic sensors can differentiate between real threats and false alarms like wildlife activity and changeable weather.

Available as the SG-1 single, standalone sensor, the SG-3 with three sensors or the SG-6 with six sensors, they can be daisy-chained to existing units to increase the monitored are from a few yards to up to several miles, without ruining the aesthetic or requiring planning permission for fencing.

Invisible protection for businesses, properties and homes all year round.

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