SensoGuard Portable Tactical Security Kits

The zone you wish to monitor may not be fixed or threats can move to new points of entry. This can be a problem for installing stationary, permanent security systems but it is the ideal scenario for the SensoGuard Portable Security Kits.

The kits come with everything you need and allow you to install them yourself wherever you require them. Sensors, control box and cameras can be placed where you like and connected to the SensoGuard SG software program to allow real-time alerts and monitoring on PC or Android devices, without the false alarms.

Differing levels of protection are available, all designed with specific users in mind: Choose from the Moss Portable Tactical Kit, The SG Cam Kit and the SG Rapid PTZ Kit. Based on military-specification and indeed used by military forces around the globe, the Portable kits provide complete detection where and when it is required and can be moved and reinstalled to a new location when the threat has passed or moved on.

Secure your surroundings and stay safe with SensoGuard.

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