Invisifence Perimeter Security Systems

The SensoGuard Invisifence is one of the most reliable perimeter security systems on the market.

Because it is a buried system, it cannot be tampered with or bypassed, allowing for complete reliability from its seismic sensors which can differentiate between threat levels. Eliminating false alarms and issues that can waste your time and cause lapses in security.

Based on earthquake detecting technology and developed to military standards, the SensoGuard Invisifence system can be integrated with your existing security and hooked up to CCTV, alarm systems, sirens, security lights and flashing beacons to let intruders know they are being monitored or alert your security covertly and pinpoint the area of intrusion.

It is completely weatherproof, vandalism proof and able to provide the complete protection for your home, family, property or business requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

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