SensoGuard Buried Intrusion Detection Systems

As the only SensoGuard approved supplier in the UK, we specialise in their buried intrusion detection systems, which cannot be seen and do not fail.

These systems have been developed to military standards and utilise the same seismic detection technology (based on magnetic fields) that are currently used to measure earthquakes.

Each system is completely waterproof, weatherproof, invisible and cannot be tampered with or vandalised. This ensures that your property will not be intruded upon without raising an alarm and the perpetrator will have no idea that an alarm has been triggered.

SensoGuard buried intrusion detection systems can differentiate between real threats such as human footsteps or vehicles and false alarm triggers like weather conditions or animal tracks. Less false alarms mean the real threats are attended to and crimes can be stopped before they take place. They do not power down, they do not fail and their ease of installation and zero maintenance mean they provide the complete protection you need.