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Prevention is better than cure: The cost-effectiveness of security guards

The statistics

92% of construction sites report being the victim of crime on an annual basis and it’s estimated that vandalism and theft cost the construction industry over £400 million a year.

These statistics are staggering, yet true. The Crime in the Construction Industry report released by the Chartered Institute of Building shows that 38% of respondents lost at least £10,000 a year due to criminal activity, while 9% of companies lost over £100,000. 12% of those who lost in excess of £10,000 are located in London. And the larger the company, the greater the loss.

The benefits of security personnel

To save on costs, many companies turn to technology as a solution for their security needs. When early detection systems are used, this can be highly effective. However, avoiding the use of security guards altogether can prove to be a false economy. Because, as we know, most construction companies are very likely to be the victim of crime this year, next year, and every year.

The benefits of manned security include:

Visual deterrent – Criminals are opportunists. When they see sites with little visible security, they are more likely to strike. Seeing security guards on patrol is a known deterrent.

Fewer false alarms – Security guards are humans working in real time, in real life. This means when their suspicions are raised, they can follow up immediately and quickly determine whether a disruption is a real threat or normal activity.

A multi-sensory response – Security guards have the benefit of all five human senses. They can hear what CCTV cameras may not be able to detect, and their line of sight is far greater. They can also move around the site, providing 360° surveillance inside and outside at all times of day and night.

Access control – Vigilant guards are the most effective form of access control. Manned security will recognise familiar faces and question suspicious visitors. They can validate each and every person who passes through, preventing intrusion and false entry.

Preventing staff conflicts – While we mainly think of outsiders as being the cause of trouble on our sites, interpersonal conflict among our own employees is possible. This includes fights – sometimes physical – between members of staff, or outside conflicts that follow staff members into the workplace. Manned security can prevent altercations taking place during work hours by those who are permitted on the site.

Immediate response – There is an intruder on site. What can you do if there are no trained security personnel at hand? Your only option is to wait for police to arrive. With men on the ground, you can act immediately, and ensure criminals leave before they cause damage or loss.

Manned security is a cost-effective solution

The loss of even one item of high-expense machinery can cost more than hiring a security team for an entire year. When the likelihood of being a victim of crime is ever-present, prevention is better than cure.

What’s more, when you use a staffing agency such as Safe Security Solutions, you can tailor your manpower to the times when it’s needed most, such as during winter when the nights are darker, to protect high-value shipments, or during the holidays when regular staff are thin on the ground.

Get in touch with Safe Security Solutions

Our Security Officers are highly trained, vigilant and responsive. Each member of our team follows a strict reporting procedure to ensure you have eyes on your site at all times. We have some of the best in the business working for us – and they could be working for you, too.

Our manned security services operate in the Home Counties only. If you are outside these areas, we recommend taking a look at our intelligent security technology. Remember, we specialise in early intruder detection, preventing crime before it happens.

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