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Military grade perimeter fencing

PIDS Security Systems Explained

What Does PIDS Stand For?

PIDS are “Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems“, sometimes referred to as “Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems”. 

This name can cover a wide range of technologies that add an extra layer of security which is more efficient and reliable than the standard security systems everyone will be familiar with, such as CCTV or motion-activated alarms.

What Does PIDS Do?

Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems provide an advanced warning that an intruder has attempted to cross a boundary, perimeter or enter a secured area

PIDS can take many forms and will usually be an electronic monitoring system which senses vibrations, breaks, cuts or attempted scaling of fenced areas. 

However, other forms of PIDS may include buried sensors which detect vibrations using seismic data to pinpoint breaches across an invisible line. It can also include mounted radar systems which use military radar technology to detect movement and track intruders in real-time.

Types Of PIDS:


This would include any PIDS device which is used alongside a fence, gate or barrier system.


These do not require a physical barrier, instead, they create an invisible barrier due to being buried underground to detect seismic vibrations or pressure changes. SensoGuard specialises in buried intrusion detection systems.


These systems include Magos radar, which can be mounted on poles, buildings or any area that provides structural support. Which can be virtually anything that is stationary.

Rapid Deployment PIDS:

Deployable PIDS are usually battery-powered and can be easily set up in virtually any location. The SensoGuard range of Portable Tactical Security Kits and IoT Miniature Vibration Sensors are perfect examples. You can use these anywhere and move them to monitor any area in real-time.

What Are The Benefits Of PIDS?

  • PIDS offer the most robust protection because they monitor and detect the perimeter or boundary around the area they are situated in.
  • Unlike most conventional security systems, PIDS will identify a threat before it can escalate. These systems are designed to differentiate between the typical causes of false alarms (wildlife, bad weather, pets, people with legitimate access) to allow only genuine threats to be flagged up.
  • This means that immediate action can be taken to deter any would-be criminal activity. PIDS will activate nearby cameras to track and follow the intruder or vehicle, activate alarms or sirens as an auditory deterrent, turn on lighting as a visual deterrent and activate live feeds or notifications so anyone who acts as security can take action. 
  • These systems not only reduce false alarms and unnecessary security activity but they act as the filtration system which only alerts to genuine threats and ensures appropriate action is taken, the footage is captured and threats are constantly monitored and tracked. 
  • PIDS cannot be deactivated or detected by intruders. Buried sensors for example will be completely invisible to threats, the radar systems are small and discreet and fence-mounted PIDS will not be visually impactful
  • Aesthetics: PIDS are usually much less noticeable so they will fit into almost any environment, be it in a private residence, a professional workplace or an industrial setting. They replace the need for huge numbers of CCTV camera systems and the wiring that comes with them. 
  • PIDS are often more energy efficient than their standard security alternatives. In fact, they can be used in remote locations, powered by renewable energy sources such as solar panels or rely on battery-backup systems which can last several months. 
  • The PIDS technologies we provide require zero maintenance. Once installed, they will work without the need for updates or upgrades, aside from the software which powers them. Even then, it is standalone and will usually never require future support. 
  • PIDS can be added as an extra layer to your existing security. This means that any existing systems which are already in place will be integrated with the new technologies. Not only does this filter out the causes of false alarms (making your security far more efficient) but it builds a much more robust, 3-ring security system. Allowing action to be taken the moment an intrusion is detected. 
  • PIDS can work on any scale and in any environment. Because there are a number of PIDS technologies available, they can be tailored to work almost anywhere. From vast expanses across borders with differing terrain to back gardens and private areas.
  • PIDS can be easily installed without too much need for an existing framework or source of power. In every case, a site survey will identify the areas which need to be monitored and that will dictate what system will be the best for the role. 
  • Simple Installation: Almost all PIDS systems can be installed with relative ease, without too much need to understand the technology behind them or accreditations in engineering or electronics.
  • Weatherproof: PIDS are designed to work in any environment. In fact, our own systems are installed around the globe in everything ranging from desert-like conditions to locations which are far below zero. These systems work flawlessly. 
  • Waterproof and Dustproof: Any security system should IP-rated. The systems we supply are especially robust and tested in the most challenging environments. 

Finding The Right PIDS For My Needs:

There is a wealth of information available for the different forms of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems.

However, we would advise getting a security expert to thoroughly assess your specific needs and identify any areas which would benefit from PIDS.

No two requirements will ever be the same and effective protection should always start with an understanding of the area which requires monitoring. 

If you’d like a free assessment and some expert advice on PIDS then feel free to contact the Safe Security Solutions team today. We’ll give you an unbiased and reliable survey of how PIDS can protect you and which systems would work best for you. 

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