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Pharmaceutical Industry Security with Safe Security Specialist Security Solutions London

Working in the pharmaceutical industry, you will know that the past few decades has seen a number of threats affecting pharmaceuticals. Whether it’s corporate infiltration, product tampering, animal rights activism, organised crime and potentially, international terrorism, these security threats are have major impact on your pharmaceutical company. So how can you stop them?

Unfortunately for security managers, there is such a wide range of potential security situations and scenarios that they must develop and implement strategies for. At Safe Security, we provide many different types of security to a variety of industries. These industries include; educational facilities, government buildings, retail sites, construction sites and residential properties – as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

For pharmaceutical companies in mind, we have a number of effective security solutions that can be ideal deterrents for anyone looking to enter your site and interfere with your processes.

Access Control – For pharmaceutical corporations, access control is a key ingredient for developing layers and layers of security when protecting your facility. You should be able to identify any of the critical assets such as: products, high profile individuals, data centres and research labs – and ensure they are protected by thorough security systems.

Perimeter Security – To maintain a barrier between your parking and facilities, you can use sturdy and industrious perimeter fence protection system to deter unwanted people from entering your site. We are currently the UK partner and installer for RBTEC – security experts in the field of large, integrated perimeter fence intrusion and detection systems.

Visitor Management – With a network of thousands of employees, it can be difficult to keep track of those entering and leaving your facility. At Safe Security, we can integrate visitor management into our security patrol services with visitor badges made available for all employees, card reader controlled doors and even lobby turnstiles. We understand the importance of SIA guards being present on your site as a physical deterrence and so ensure all of our security guards are highly qualified.

To find out more about Safe Security and our bespoke security solutions, get in touch with our team on 01708 854 831.

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