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Perimeter Security for Power Stations

Unfortunately, due to increased terrorist threats in recent years, many governments have increased the security on Economic Key Points (EKPs) i.e. sites that could have a major impact on people’s lives should anything happen to them.

Some examples of these EKPs include: major power stations, water treatment works, gas works, oil and petrochemical plants/refineries.

With this in mind, it’s time to start contemplating the safety of your power station or refinery – if you haven’t already!

As an extremely important asset to our daily lives, only the highest standard of security systems should be used on these sites. In fact, in Britain, these security systems must pass rigorous testing that is in line with British Government standards.

At Safe Security Specialist Security Solutions London, we provide many different types of security to a variety of industries. These industries include; educational facilities, government buildings, retail sites, construction sites and residential properties.

However, we believe that any security solutions should be bespoke to your individual site’s needs and requirements.

For power stations, we believe that an effective fence protection system could be the ideal deterrent for anyone looking to enter your site. We are currently the UK partner and installer for RBTEC – security experts in the field of large, integrated perimeter fence intrusion and detection systems.

Our team understand the idea that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ which is why we offer a number of RBTEC perimeter detection system to protect your entire premises. This includes:

● Buried/Underground Sensors

● Pipeline Protection

● Underwater/Offshore Protection

● Physical Cyber Security and Protective Distribution System

● Vidalert Alarm Management Software

Not only just holders of industry leading accreditations, we boast a fantastic reputation and offer a completely free site visit and quotation. To find out more about Safe Security and RBTEC partnership and how we can help your premises with a perimeter alarm system, get in touch with our team on 01708 854 831.

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