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    Geotagging Security Essex and London

    When you take the time to look at your business security and choose to put a security strategy in place, you expect it to be carried out professionally and efficiently. Not only is it your time but your money that you are giving to these security measures. With that in mind it would be nice […]
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The Importance of Manned Guarding

For those unaware, manned guarding is a method of protecting a premise from unauthorised access or occupation by using a team of qualified security guards. From business premises to construction sites and supermarkets to shopping centres, there isn’t a business or industrial area that couldn’t benefit from security guards, especially when there are valuable assets […]
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Temperatures Are Set To Rise This Summer And So Are Break-Ins

Summer brings us Wimbledon and various other sports tournaments, warmer weather and longer days to enjoy everything that comes with British summertime. However, the increase in temperature also sees an increase in burglaries and break-ins, which could spell disaster for your stores and sites. Typically, the fabulous weather draws people from their homes; seeking refugee […]
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Safe Security Solutions – Our comprehensive security

When you are selecting a security company in order to keep your business premises protected you need to choose very carefully. Should you make the wrong decision you could find that the fall out is huge and as any business owner knows, there is no room, let alone time, for regrets. Security With a Difference […]
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The Importance of SIA Guards

If your business is considering investing in a quality security provider you need to know that you are able to put your full trust into the company that you are working with. One way of doing this is to choose a security company that ensures that all guards hired are fully trained and vetted SIA […]
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CCTV systems from £720.00 ex vat

A February special offer which includes a full fitted HD system with 4 x Infra red cameras with remote access from your phone. Supplied & fully installed at £720.00 ex vat. Supplied with 1yr Guarantee. Extra cameras can be easily fitted at a later date if required. Perfect for homes, shops, offices, restaurants, car parks […]
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Need Free Security on site?

Safe Security Solutions can offer you Free Security Site Warning boards as a visual deterrent for your site.  The boards will show our 24hr Control room telephone number for someone to call if they see a problem. Our Controllers will deal with the problem as per your instructions. If you need an Emergency visit to […]
A pole with 2 CCTV cameras mounted on it

Beware of Fake Security Companies Asking For Advanced Fees

In a recent article from the SIA it has been reported that there has been a rise in fake security companies advertising security jobs, and then ask for training or licensing fees to be paid in advance. The SIA has suggested that it is imperative that you ask the right questions before taking on a […]
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Christmas And New Year Break

Safe Security Solutions giving you peace of mind over Christmas and New Year break. The festive period is always a busy time sites close and sites open in preparation for the work ahead. If you have not already arranged for cover over this period do not hesitate in call us now. Our offices will be […]
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How Are Some Firms Able To Charge Such Low Prices?

As a provider of highly qualified, reliable security staff, we have to ask: How are some companies able to supply staff at such low prices? At the end of January, another Security firm director was sentenced for illegal business practices. These included unlawful immigration and provided non-SIA licensed staff. SIA Head of Investigation Darren Woodhouse […]
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Key Holding – What is it?

For many of our clients we are the first point of contact to police and other emergency services should any attempt be made on a site. Key holding as the name suggests is an alarm response service where we hold keys for our clients. Our patrollers are on call and respond immediately to alarm activations. […]

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