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  • An El-Far Elec Sens Wooden Fence detection system mounted on a wooden fence.

    Security Systems For Wooden Fencing

    A wooden fence that acts like a perimeter intrusion detection system? Which triggers alarms and lighting, and directs security cameras and live feeds. Gives instant notifications to your phone or computer and takes immediate action to stop crimes from escalating. This sounds too good to be true.  Most homes and many businesses rely on wooden […]

What Is The Best Security System Money Can Buy?

A quick Google Search of “the best security system money can buy” will yield some fairly confusing results.  In part, this is because we have so many options when it comes to security. We tend to find factors that do not really relate to the quality of protection in favour of the features or price: […]
A picture of seating in a theatre with a darkened background

Why Most Security Systems Are Just “Security Theatre”

You may or may not have heard of the term “security theatre”. But you can probably guess what it means.  Wikipedia defines it like this: “ Security theatre is the practice of taking security measures that are considered to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to achieve it.” Sadly, almost all security systems […]
A luxury home from an aerial view with security perimeter lines.

The Best Security For Luxury Homes

Many people dream of living in a luxury home and having the kind of lifestyle that accompanies such a residence. The problem is, these abodes can be an open target for criminals. The more appealing the home and possessions are, the higher the risk of thefts, vandalism, targeted criminal activity and in the worst-case scenario: […]
A city and rural housing environment side by side.

Why Rural Security Differs From Towns & Cities

Living in rural or country settings can be an idyllic way of life. Many people dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life but few expect the countryside would be a less secure place than an urban environment. In this blog, we’ll discuss how threats change based on the settings, why rural locations […]
Military grade perimeter fencing

PIDS Security Systems Explained

What Does PIDS Stand For? PIDS are “Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems“, sometimes referred to as “Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems”.  This name can cover a wide range of technologies that add an extra layer of security which is more efficient and reliable than the standard security systems everyone will be familiar with, such as CCTV or […]
A view of wind turbines in a corn field taken at sunset.

Security For Renewable Energy Producers

Renewable energy sources are, quite rightly, one of the most important considerations of our time. Billions of pounds are being invested in the UK to try and find safe, sustainable methods of harvesting energy using the natural resources at hand, which will not cause long term impacts on the planet. At the same time, we’re […]
Two large, wall mounted CCTV cameras

Why Is My Security Not Working? … And Five Easy Steps To Fixing It.

“I already have a security system but I’m still getting broken into? Why?” We seem to get asked questions like this all the time. We should also add… These are not security systems we have installed! Home and business owners find us when their security has let them down. There are usually multiple reasons for […]
A Christmas desktop scene with xmas decorations and a Safe Security Solutions logo with a santa hat on

The 12 (Days Of) Christmas Security Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It really is. We love Christmas. Sadly, so do criminals. If you are in any doubt that Christmas poses a greater chance of crime then you should check out the UK Crime Stats for crime types and the timeline from December 2021. Antisocial behaviour, burglary, robbery and […]
A wooden hammer and gavel, as used in court rooms, on a white background.

A Legal Opinion On Ring Security Systems

As you may have seen in our previous blog, there has been a landmark case in the UK regarding the privacy concerns of neighbours living next to Ring security system owners. We feel this case could have wider implications for homeowners with security systems in place and sought the legal opinion of a Barrister on […]
A courtroom gavel on a marble surface

Can I Be Taken To Court For Having A Ring Doorbell?

As outlandish as it might seem, there has been a legal precedent set in the UK for Ring doorbells and security camera systems breaching the GDPR regulations, resulting in a £100,000 fine for one homeowner. In a landmark case, reported by the Daily Mail, a “plumber” was successfully taken to court by his neighbour for […]

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