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A security guard stood in front of a wire fence with a security sign attached to it.

Need Better Security Staff?

Thinking of a high-performing security team to safely and securely protect your premises? Yes

Ambassadors for your business? Yes

Command value for money, efficiency and effectiveness? Yes

Because you’re looking for options, we have the solutions. Courage to fit your circumstances, imagine a dedication and individual charter to you. 

Take comfort that your security is our commitment by discovering the use of our service. 

A fresh change from the norm.

Safe Security Solutions is an established provider of Security operatives across multiple disciplines, we provide security with a difference. 

We ensure that all our officers fulfil the necessary training and requirements set down by the SIA to be a licensed worker in the industry. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) governs the provision of security operatives in the UK. It is the aim of the SIA to improve the standards across the industry and we fully support this. We commit to providing only licensed operatives that will fit your needs. We will spend time to understand and assess your needs in consultation with key stakeholders. Make suggestions and recommendations to ensure you obtain value for money and only providing for what you need. We empower pride in ourselves and our people, setting high standards and providing delivery of service as expected and often exceeded. Becoming a customer and client of SafeSS is one in the same thing, let our team be your customer face, you won’t be disappointed.

We provide a clear program from the onset, from initial contact through to site migration or start from scratch, we are capable of delivering on individual needs for your requirements.

Following on from the initial consultations, we carry out site surveys to cover all aspects of your site to establish from a security perspective, exactly what is required, this will continue to be an ongoing process to ensure your needs are being met, and to see if we can improve your security and further minimise the risk. We will work with you and for you to provide a long-term security solution. Being able to leave your business in safe hands is key to ongoing business success and effective continuity. Knowing that we have your best interests in mind and strive to deliver and become the dependable company we know we are.

Today’s security is all about the now, and the future, our actions and reactions to prevent, detect and deter any risk’s that may be apparent. We empower our officers and teams to ensure they have the right tools, the right abilities and the knowledge to be successful, engage with and encourage them to take ownership and responsibility and to grow with the roles and responsibilities they hold in looking after your staff, visitors, property and business, which ultimately, is our business.

Whilst we are surrounded by technology, the fact still remains that we continue to need a physical presence. 

Our officers will:

  • Hold a frontline Security license
  • Be your customer service 
  • Be smart and efficient
  • Be uniformed as agreed
  • Be supplied with the necessary equipment
  • Report incidents and actions accordingly
  • Empowered to do the right thing

Physical Security is always a need for our digital world, face to face interaction, smart efficient and problem-solving officers play a huge part in our every day operations across our clients. Our officers can and will deter, detect and protect your people and assets whilst providing a customer service role in support of your business needs. Whilst everyone has a responsibility for a certain amount of personal and company security. We will take ownership to support the security plan by understanding and relaying your requirements in detail to our dedicated team. Giving you reassurance on service delivery and any specific developments we can identify to enhance your needs. Security doesn’t stop at the front door, it is a fluid and ever-changing process. We will ensure your boundaries are protected appropriately with any recommendations and alterations that may be necessary. Budgetary restraints are always in the front of mind and we will work with you for the best balance of physical and technical security if required. Some threats are not always apparent.  

Many of our officers are dual-rolled. They have an additional official qualification in traffic marshalling. Whilst some sites may not need this skill, it does make our officers more aware of the importance and safety of traffic. This is a skill that can be transferred into the security field and often officers/ teams can be utilised to assist, and even take responsibility for your Fire evacuations and agreed roles. Security is an ever-present resource to help and support your everyday business as well as your front line emergency and business continuity plans. 

What is involved with the Traffic Marshall certification that could assist you? Some key elements of the training for the officers covers Health & Safety, this is beneficial for both the officer and everyone’s organisation. 

Some areas of particular interest:

  • General Health and Safety
  • Safety of vehicle access
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Management 
  • Identifying Dangerous Movements
  • Safeguarding pedestrians 
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Safety signs
  • Accident prevention

We are all aware of the requirements of the responsibility on individuals and businesses to ensure we work in a safe environment. Yearly, around 50 people are killed and more than 5000 people are injured in accidents involving workplace transport. With the use of our dual role officers, and or your requirements are just for a Traffic Marshall, they will come with a security license. Let us take the strain and ensure you or your business does not become a statistic.

For any information on our services please contact us either way, you’ll be pleased you did:

 020 8555 6800 or email on [email protected]

For further information on our range of services, review our website:

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