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Military Perimeter Security Systems.
Fully Automated.
Eliminate False Alarms.

Tactical, Reliable, Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) Developed for Military Applications


Portable Tactical Perimeter Security Kits

Assess threats and gather data quickly with our portable buried intrusion detection kits. Covert and easy to install, these kits are the ideal tool for assessment of where long term measures can be placed.


Fence-Mounted Intrusion Detection

Secure your perimeter and automatically detect fence breaks and intrusions with El-Far’s mounted solutions and integrated security measures.


Buried Intrusion Detection Systems

Buried seismic detectors designed to alert your forces without alerting intruders. Waterproof & weatherproof detection of vehicles and humans with adjustable sensitivity for the harshest of environments.

Perimeter Detection That Will Not Fail


Covert and Reliable

We specialise in providing perimeter security measures which cannot be tampered with and do not fail.

Perimeter fence sensors which can detect and pinpoint breaks and intrusions within the area of operation and buried intrusion detection systems which cannot be seen but will provide effective detection of vehicles and personnel.

Existing perimeter systems often rely on technology which can be disabled or circumvented. Safe Security Solutions provides measures you can rely on.


Tried and Tested

Our systems are used around the globe for numerous applications including border protection, corporate, business and civilian use.

… But they were developed for military operations and continue to be used by forces on all corners of the earth. 

Designed to withstand some of the harshest environments including extreme heat, wet or cold conditions, they keep working when personnel could not. 


Seemless Integration

Existing measures may already be in place, depending on the environment. 

Our covert systems add an extra layer of reliable security which can be unified with security already in the field. This may include basics like cameras, sirens, alarms but can also include mounted turrets and vehicle or personnel tracking measures. 

Specialised software can be used to tie these measures together and provide much more complete protection. 


Developed For Military Use

Though our perimeter protection systems are in use across the world for many corporate and civilian applications, they were originally developed for the military. 

The underground seismic detectors are based on the same technology used to measure earthquakes and each fence-mounted sensor can detect a break in the fence, scaling or damage for up to 1500m. 

Reliability, durability and the elimination of false alarms is what marks our perimeter protection as the very best on the market, whatever the intended application.

Whatever The Application, We Can Protect Your Perimeter

From weapon storage to border control.

The Safe Security Solutions perimeter detection devices are easy to deploy and reliable in the field. 

  • Bases

    Perfect solutions for base protection, our systems will not succumb to the environment and prove more reliable than multiple guard towers covering expansive areas. Threats will automatically trigger an alert and pinpoint personnel to an area of attempted intrusion.

  • Borders

    Our systems are already in use on borders across the globe, ensuring less military staff are required to monitor vast spaces whilst differentiating between false triggers and genuine intrusions. Be those above or below ground.

  • Storage

    Sensitive property such as weapons storage, vehicles and even data can be secured by ensuring a perimeter cannot be breached. Threats can be reduced or eliminated with the systems we provide, regardless of what needs to be protected.

  • Humane

    Because our perimeter security solutions can be integrated with existing systems already in place, they are able to differentiate between vehicles, personnel or wildlife and weather conditions. Providing humane options along key strategic areas as an alternative to methods adopted in the past. 

  • Perimeters

    Tactical perimeters can span a few yards to several hundreds of miles. It can be nearly impossible to find a solution that can reliably alert military personnel to genuine threats. With our technology, that is possible. 

  • Tactical AO

    We provide tactical kits for short-term coverage of important areas of operation or perimeter detection which can be put in place for as long as necessary. We’ll ensure that your AO is monitored, 24/7, for the duration of time required. 

A lone soldier walking along a field path viewed from behind

“Military security cannot afford to fail: Lives and assets are at risk.

We provide perimeter systems which are impervious to weather conditions and cannot be tampered with.”

Mike Bullman

Safe Security Solutions Director

Product Spotlight: SG Rapid PTZ Kit by SensoGuard

The SG Rapid PTZ kit is the ideal solution for situational awareness at key points of intrusion. 

It can be easily deployed and installed using everything right out of the box, to provide a dependable and robust alternative to guard towers. Operating without distraction and providing 360º protection at ground level. 

The 8 seismic sensors will trigger the night vision-enabled camera with 3x optical zoom to focus on the area of threat, allowing personnel to react accordingly.

Weatherproof, maintenance-free protection with a long-lasting lithium battery.

How To Order

Military applications for perimeter security are more demanding than civilian use. Safe Security Solutions offers some of the only reliable, durable and military-developed technologies which can ensure the safety of assets, property and personnel. 

Let us answer your questions.