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Merseyside Police To Use Biometrics

Merseyside Police will spearhead an innovative project to revolutionise the bail system. They have been awarded £360,000 from the home office £70 million Police Innovation Fund towards setting up a Biometrics solution to tackling the issue of bail jumpers.

The old pen and paper system which Assistant Chief Constable Ian Pilling called “resource-intensive” has been prone to inaccuracy and mismanagement, nine police forces in the country could not even provide authorities with concrete statistics on bail jumpers, which many found shocking and there have been countless cases of signature forgery.

This system will introduce the thumbprint to replace the signature, and this information will be stored on a database and accessible easily by relaxant authorities. Biometric access control systems look at human physical characteristics that are unique to each and every individual on the planet, in essence they gather the ‘True Identity of the person. Hence as an example however good of a signature forger I may be there is no way in which I can sign in for any one else. This accuracy will eradicate forgery and the method of storage is a lot less intensive, as instead of rooms of files, electronic data is held.

We believe that like the use of DNA Biometrics will be used more and more as police have find another tool towards solving crimes such as fraud, theft and murder.

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